The Ascension Library is a PORTAL for Spiritual Activation and Advancement

In the library portal you will discover a curated selection of audio-based meditations, energy transmissions, live video events, short-courses, e-books, and master-classes created by Judy Satori.  These 'energy tools' from Spirit, are designed to activate your human potential and anchor Ascension energies.


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with full access to ALL library programs including LIBRARY tutorials, ASCENSION AND YOU, Ascension advancement and TALK WITH JUDY, mentoring and personal support online. 

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Access the entire Ascension Library on a subscription ... dozens of easy to use programs, categorised audio recordings and masterclasses.  Try free for the first five days ... then cancel at any time 

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If you opt for ANNUAL LIBRARY MEMBERSHIP, we are pleased to offer a special download portal, which will allow you to download and save .zip files of major programs and meditations.

NEW ... Library App

The app offers support for iOS and Android phones.  While the library is fully mobile responsive, the new app gives an enhanced user listening experience on these devices.

Ascension Library Membership Offers

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"Judy Satori's Ascension Library is One of a kind! ... AMAZING and I use it often.
The light language is extremely healing on every level and it has helped me to minimize my ascension symptoms. I can dance and be in Joy almost every day! "

Beata Radwanski
Library Member from Poland

"I have never been so altered by any kind of healing before. When you spoke the light language I felt intense rapid eye movement and a full body vibration ... this is day 3 and I have no more symptoms I have struggled with for a month."

Robin P.
Ascension Library Member

"I do your meditations daily and I'm seeing huge results. You are correct when you say your body will be restructured thru these activations! I have lost 40lbs without trying, just by doing activation. It's absolutely amazing!!"

Sarah S.
Ascension Library Member

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The following programs can be purchased with a one-time payment. Owning a program gives you the ability to download audios to sync offline, in poor reception zones. AND still have unlimited access to that same program in your personalized Ascension Portal.

Do you qualify for a scholarship?

In over 22 years of hosting events I have never turned anyone away for financial reasons, this ethos is translated into the Ascension Library.

If you have any questions about your membership,  please contact Michelle Swanson our awesome Community Manager by clicking the Green ?HELP button in the bottom right of this page.
For all other technical, help, or general library requests please visit our Membership Support Section as there is a series of FAQs and helpful tips on this page.

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