This LIVE event provides a DYNAMIC FORUM with SPIRIT; where you can SUBMIT QUESTIONS and have them answered by SPIRIT; channeled through Ascension Expert, Judy Satori.


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In this episode Judy will be DELVING DEEPER into the “CODES OF LIGHT” and bring NEW UNDERSTANDING and PERSPECTIVE on everything that was brought through during ASCENSION 2020.

Be prepared for A FEW SURPRISES and a very SPECIAL GUEST; as we will explore how TARA, MU and ANCIENT EGYPTIAN TEACHINGS are aligned as ONE TRUTH >>> Watch the videos below to learn more >>>


ASCENSION is all about shining an EXPANDED LIGHT on that TRUTH. From this FOUNDATION, our true AVATAR HUMAN POTENTIAL can be ACTIVATED, which is the BIRTHRIGHT of EVERYONE on Earth.

During “ASCENSION AND YOU” I will be explaining how the 24 CODES OF LIGHT were transmitted during the Ascension 2020 Event, in Mana New Zealand; SACRED MYSTERIES that have only recently come into my awareness, and been explained to me by SPIRIT.

CHAPTER 1 of the “CODES OF LIGHT” takes us back in time to TARA and MU, to RESOLVE and CORRECT ENERGY IMBALANCES; it will HELP HEAL your PAST LIFE TRAUMAS that have effected YOU on a SOUL LEVEL.

CHAPTER 2 corrects aspects of OUR HUMAN STORY; it will help you CLEAR ANY UNTRUE BELIEF SYSTEMS that are out-of-balance, which SABOTAGE and LIMIT YOU.


Each ASCENSION & YOU webinar is a follow-on from the 'Teaching Session' shared above; with a bonus recording on the 'Event Page'.

The LIVE event is held on the FIRST weekend of the MONTH; Saturday or Sunday depending on your TIMEZONE; with FULL REPLAY and edited highlights available through the Ascension Library.

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