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During the last few weeks on the “Sunday Call of Inspiration”, I noticed a very interesting shift. Not only in myself, but also through my conversations with all the Ascension Library members who have been on the call. 

What a useful tool that is. How grateful I am for all of us to get feedback from other members on the call. Each Sunday, I am very much looking forward to my calls.

It’s a great reflection tool to see how Judy Satori’s recordings are working with all of us.


Thank you all for being on the calls and showing up.

Thank you for having the courage to share from your heart. 

You are actually gifting yourself with your presence, as you let go by sharing, reflecting, getting immediate insights and practising becoming authentically you. These are magical moments to see you all change.

And I am grateful for my courage to have started these calls, guided by my higher self and spirit. Starting the “90-Day-Challenge” was the best idea and tool we can give to ourselves.

Thank you all for doing it and giving yourself proof of what is happening when listening to Judy’s recordings every day. Your ascension process is speeding up and you are breaking free on multiple levels of limitations.

Celebration time. Clap yourself on the left shoulder six times.


What a difference it makes when you are listening daily to shifting and expanding yourself in a new version of who you are. Getting out of being buried beneath layers and layers of limitations from our past lives and from this lifetime’s experiences and life traumas. 

Projected behaviours, beliefs, thoughts we took on from others, which are not ours and do not belong to us.


This form of limitation is coming up a lot right now. The projections of others. I see it around me and also within myself. Revelation time.


I find it the most challenging one to detect as it becomes a part of us. Even though sometimes it seems as if it is a part of our personality which we took on, but it is not ours by heart. That is not easy to identify, meaning it is challenging to find out where these projections are coming from.

Right now I am finding it extremely challenging. Very old feelings or situations which I felt I left behind are right in my face again. Presented differently, but I see a connection. And I even see the deeper ruts/causes here. Where they came from and which limited me for many many life-times by getting bigger and bigger.

So how do I respond now? Or what can I do?

Could it be that it is the right universal divine time to spark us up, so that we step up in becoming more authentic? When I look around me, I see many humans with that similar struggle. 

Have you noticed something like this lately?

It is very painful to see old stuff being presented to us again, on the other hand it’s a great opportunity to have a closer look and watch ourselves.

From where are we operating/ thinking? Is it the mental mind or a combination of our mental mind and heart mind?

Why is it in my field again?

Does it mean I have not cleared it? 


I honestly had lots of anger and frustration and sadness coming up and I noticed even very old feelings/memories from my past lives. People walked over me and projected their stuff onto me, which I took on. Also feelings of being used and betrayal.

I’ve experienced  lots of this in this lifetime once again, which shows that I took the soul memory with me into this life and have continued attracting the same energy into my life again and again. 

Until now.


When I realised that I was operating out of an old habit/behaviour/cell memory/pattern held in my energetic field, I started to listen even more. 


I have noticed since then that old clearing is occurring. Old feelings/memories are in my consciousness.

BUT and now it comes: 

We are in the times of BECOMING of who we are, so of course we are being presented with the old becoming transitional stuff in order for us to embody BEING it fully.


We are in the Revelation time. There is a lot of positive energy around revelation. It is supporting everything to shift. Or maybe forcing us to shift? I personally look at the positive side, as the outcome is always good.  The new light of the Beyond, of God, shines where there was darkness. Distorted structures and beliefs (collective and personal) are being challenged right now. Unexpected flips, revelations, and turns for the better. Every single soul is going through this right now.

How you deal with personal or collective revelations indicates your spiritual maturity. I invite you to reflect within, and treat everything with compassion and kindness.


What I have reflected on these past weeks or even months is that the way I respond or react has changed. I am sometimes like an arrow – straight out – and sometimes trying to find different words to explain a situation to another person. But I am always checking in with my heart first, how it feels, before I I say anything.

The path of the heart, talking through my heart-mind to a person in front of me has changed. I am more aware of it, and even if the other person is extremely mean and unfair, I try to find space in my heart and aim for the heart's talk and not the thunder outburst – which I feel sometimes rising up inside me.


We are in a challenging time and I have even started holding my words inside and not responding to people who are trying to dump/project their stuff on me. I experienced that if the person in front of me is not conscious of what they’re doing, there is no point in explaining or talking back, so I am quietly trying to hold my vibration in being neutral, compassionate and understanding.

My two teenage children are enough for me right now hahahaha, so I tune inwards daily and ask my soul what it needs and how much rest I need to stay in balance. At the moment I need more rest, as my two children are also struggling with their individual limitations and I have to work double for us three, to hold their space and frequency higher as well.


All humans, every single one on this planet, are being triggered to break free of their old patterns. 


After a thunderous time always comes a quiet calm time and I feel we are going towards that in the coming month. The thunder depends on each individual soul, how aware and ready they are. 

We are all in the sorting time, the transitional phase of wanting to become the New human, but actually being bombarded with solar flares and new frequencies from the Beyond. Invited to shift, gifted in our learnings, in order to BE who we want to be and hold within.


Have you read Judy’s prayer of BECOMING? Have you also read her new prayer of BEING?


The prayers are a great tool to work with and also a tool that will work with you. Speaking the words of these two prayers out loud activates energies inside of you. 

I invite you to follow your inner call as to which Prayer is for you right now.

We are all going through different phases of transformation. Your soul knows where you are at, so follow your intuition.


To fully come into our heart space, forgiveness is needed.

We don't always need to know all the why’s. Compassion and the willingness to let go is asked here. Rising above the lower vibrations and trusting that all is well and how it should be. Everything happens at the right time, in the right way and in the right order. True forgiveness occurs in your own heart. No one needs to hear about your choice to forgive except you, your Higher Self and God. Every time a decision, choice, word, action, thought or reaction presents itself, take a moment to align with the Heart. Then take/ask for the highest solution from that space. When your heart and consciousness are free, you might notice that much of the external chaos is no longer attached to your energy or attention. You are neutral, which is BEing in the now and fully present and free. You are neutral.


Coming back to the Sunday Calls of Inspiration. The deeper purpose behind these calls is to give you a platform to find support while you go through your clearing process, to find some answers, tools and just BE. To listen and feel safe and understood. It gives all the participants on each Sunday Call of Inspiration the answers they are ready to listen to, or the missing answer within.

By going through your clearing right now, no matter how difficult that is, remember, that you are clearing everything which was, is and ever shall be. Once it is gone, released, it will be gone in all times of your life. Use your time right now and BE more. 

Maybe you will even find yourself sick in bed, which shows that your soul has forced you to slow down and be still. Tiredness is a symptom of releasing as well. You are releasing on all levels, including your cells – and that takes energy. So the physical machine needs a rest to restore. 

Have you noticed that you're becoming somehow new?

The universe is supporting us in turning into the BEING person and Judy Satori is providing humanity the tools to BE faster that which we’ve held within since the beginning of time. That is the Ascension Library.


A lifetime is just an experience, a game. We are much more than that and it is time to remember.“I am that I am and so it is”. 

You are going through a passage of BECOMING the BEING person.


Much joy, love, lightness and colour to you all.

Anabell Ariah / Ascension Expansion

Feedback from Ascension Library members

Marie H.

"I am blown away by the wondrous beauty of these transmissions of light and love and wisdom. What's more, is that I am finally remembering!"

David A. 

"If someone is willing to work the library, they will find tremendous value and benefit. It is hard to believe that you offer so much for so little cost to make this available to everyone."

Darin S.

"I've only been a member for less than an hour and am already feeling the effects of being here. This space is electric!"

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