When Judy brought out the 24 codes of Light, I was with my children in Italy, during their summer school holiday. It was August 2020.

Since starting to listen to all the Codes of Light back then, much has changed and happened in my life, as the codes activated something within me right away.

I remembered a particular past life in Lemuria, Mu, and since then, I have been looking for something within me, like lost knowledge, some wisdom or something that I need to do. Up to this day, I am not quite sure what it is, but I feel I am getting closer.


For me, the 24 Codes of Light are the Reconnection to my Origin, the Beginning of my coming down to earth, to once being called Tara.


The more I listened to the 24 Codes of Light, the more I remembered and reconnected to who I was then and to who I am still today – without all the layers of life trauma and experiences I’ve collected in all my lives from then till today. Through listening again and again, I started to shed many many layers of trauma, memories of many thousand years’ of life cycles. (Thank God I also listened to the Detox Karmic clear recordings every day at the end of my day and the same with balancing my Hara line. I think those really helped me to find a new balance within, especially since I was guided to listen to these Codes every day.) The more I listened, the more I cleared and finally got lighter. Lighter within myself, but also lighter with my actual body weight as well. 


For many weeks, I felt very unwell. Very tired, exhausted, unmotivated, wanting to just be alone, no talking, sleeping, and feeling often sad, lost, and disoriented. But I also knew, from listening to Judy’s recordings for years, that these side effects are quite normal and would pass, too. So I had faith and continued to listen to them every day, even though I did not feel well.


Personally, when I have a big reaction towards some recordings of Judy’s, I know that I need to keep on listening to them. My experiences over the years have taught me that the recordings help me to free myself of the trauma energies and patterns I am holding. I thank God for being a fighter and trusting the process of life. 


Today, after having listened to these Codes of Light for so long, still listening daily to them, I have transformed and have reconnected with a more expanded version of myself, an aspect of me I feel was lost in the past. A stronger, loving self in my body and wanting to just be joy and love and free. 


Judy will be anchoring more Codes of Light later this year, which explains why my intuition told me to restart listening to the whole set of 24 Codes some months ago.

The gift that the 2 Codes of Light have given me this time is that they broke through my subconscious mind. I had a mind full of past-life experiences and traumas and they broke through the many layers to make my life-experience programs stop. It has been remarkable! For a few days now, I have been in full control of my mind, the one mind only: my higher thinking mind and my heart's mind feel as One. That One mind is the only one talking inside of me now and it even feels like it has a different voice to before. The other mind, which held me back for so long, is quiet now. It has left it seems.

Since then, I hold greater peace and stillness within. I finally feel freed and have broken through to the real me. I am in control of myself and my thoughts, which is the beginning of all, and I have never felt better in my life. I’m absolutely loving myself and feeling constant joy and peace.


Sending much love, light and colour.

May you find freedom and peace within your mind.


Anabell Ariah / Ascension Expansion


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