In this Masterclass I transmit advanced Codes of Light, using an energy frequency called UltraLight to assist you in  BEING AND ATTRACTING MAGNIFICENCE.

What is it that holds you back and limits you from being all that you wish to be and become?

Please watch this short video to learn more...


In this program I will be transmitting Codes of Light using an energy frequency called UltraLight to  step into your MAGNIFICENCE. The alchemical changes you will experience in this class will support expanded awareness of who you really are and what you came to earth to do. 

You will be catapulted into an expanded state of being ...

Everyone registered for this Masterclass - Being and Attracting Magnificence will also receive a two-part “listen at home” short set of energy transmissions that will strongly support and amplify the energy work done live on the class.

You can either download these transmissions, or listen through the Ascension Library.

There are two options to access this LIVE event

Option 1  /  Event Pass for 12.12.12

If you are not a member of the Ascension Library, you can access the webinar with a one-time payment.

The video REPLAY and edited audio from the class will be emailed to you within 48 hours of the live event.

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Option 2 / Library Membership

Members of the Ascension Library receive access to LIVE webinars and many more Ascension tools to clear karmic energy distortion, and balance body, mind and soul. 

As a member of the Ascension Library you will receive unlimited access to all programs for spiritual activation and advancement.


Now is the time we have all been waiting for...

I've been working with spirit for 22 years, but my real work on the planet is only beginning. If you're new to this work, I invite you to explore free programs and audio recordings in my online Ascension Library.

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