Are you ready to activate a new direction for your life?

A timely message from Spirit about working with the Ascension energies of Now...

Welcome, I’m Judy Satori.

For the last 22-years Spirit has trained me to bring through energy transmissions and light language DNA activations specifically to accelerate the Ascension process for those ready and called ~ and to support this rapid metamorphosis with tools and spiritual technology to help us reach our Divine potential.

And so it is my honour that Spirit has used me as a conduit this month to share a timely message and masterclass designed to recalibrate and upgrade your physical body so that you feel more revitalised and better able to assimilate the faster, stronger pulsating Ascension energies coming our way. 

Many Blessings, Judy x 

Listen Free to Part One and learn more about the Pyramidal Form and techniques to expand your Creation Capacity ✨  

Our mind is connected to God mind and multi-dimensional realities. If we can tune OUR mind into Peace, Love, Unity consciousness we can tune our mind to the benign and supportive energies that are always with us. In this audio we work with Pyramid-5 clusters to tune your mind to link with Divine Higher Mind. This process will help expand your ability to create as we enter the new faster, stronger Ascension energies of 2020 and beyond.

✨You can listen to part two of this Masterclass with the Archangel Metatron by activating your Ascension Library membership ... free for the first 5-days.


Part two includes energy transmissions from Archangel Metatron,

 🌟 Supporting, aligning, smoothing and adjusting – bringing you into balance.

 🌟Bringing through and accessing Divine Wisdom – to open pathways into your Monad, your soul group, to help you step into purpose and activate potential.

 🌟A lesson about DESIRE ... Imprinting your Soul’s Plan into your new creation.


Access the complete Archangel Metatron Masterclass including DNA activations + energy transmissions to revitalise and upgrade your physical body. - ALL YOU NEED DO IS LISTEN


The Ascension Library has been set up to create affordable access to everything you need on your Ascension Journey. This master-class with the Archangel Metatron is just one episode in the 20-part 'Regenesis Transmissions' series with membership.


Metatronic Creation Affirmation 

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"I wish to express my deepest gratitude, love and blessings for all the work that you do for Earth and Humanity and being able to receive the most beneficial information that you are so graciously making available to the world!"

–Magdalena C.

"Your transmissions through the energy words are quite profound and I am very grateful. You are an amazing deeply loving woman and Being.”"

–Christine H.

"My experience with Judy's Library is truly AMAZING and I use it often. The light language is extremely healing on every level and it has helped me to minimize my ascension symptoms. I can dance and be in Joy almost every day! "

–Beata R.

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