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🎥 Watch the REPLAY for June's event in Judy Satori Live

Join Judy LIVE for the next Q&A at these times around the globe 🌎

UK / Europe 🌟 Wednesday, July 6th, 9 pm (BST) 10 pm (CEST)
US / Canada 🌟 Wednesday,  July 6th, 4 pm (EDT) 1 pm (PDT)
NZ / Australia 🌟 Thursday, July 7th, 6 am Sydney (AEST) 8 am (NZST)










✨ Energy support and guidance with Judy Satori ✨

In June's LIVE Q&A EVENT, Judy will bring through energy transmissions and information from Spirit as she answers YOUR Ascension questions.  We will be Going Beyond What We Know with energy to uplift and empower our wider Ascension Community.  A replay will be posted in "Judy Satori Live" in "Your Library" after the event.



"I feel such excitement welling up in me about the year ahead.  However, I am well aware that many of you are struggling with how you feel physically, with the emotional climate on the planet.  It's hard not to feel a bit lost about how we are suppose to carve out a meaningful, happy and positive life.  
Individually and collectively our human family is being divinely prepared to go beyond what we have known about ourselves and our capabilities, and expand into the authentic truth and timeless wisdom of our soul; that eternal soul aspect of us that is expressed through our human selves.    
It is apparent for me that all of us in our wider Ascension Community need more love, community, interaction and support.  It is time for me to step up and do what I can to assist everyone.  My Facebook group and this Live Q&A event is the beginning of this expansion...
Many blessings 💕  Judy 🙏 " 


This program is hosted through Zoom.  Ascension Library members have exclusive access to ask Judy questions LIVE.  Find your link to join the call below👇 

The stream is also available in Judy's new "Ascension Community".  This private Facebook group is open to both members and non-members of Judy's Ascension Library as a forum of Love, Peace and Personal Empowerment.  

Please invite anyone who might be interested in our conversation about Ascension to join through our "Ascension Community" using THIS LINK

PLEASE NOTE: These Q&A events are in addition to Judy's regular Ascension Library events, which will focus on expansion and advancement with energy transmission sessions.  These events will continue to be exclusively available to Ascension Library Members or holders of a valid event pass.

As an Ascension Library Member you have exclusive access to ZOOM and the opportunity to ask your question to Judy live on the call.

We are using Zoom to host this Q&A LIVE with Judy. Click the button below and follow the on-screen prompts to join the call.  Access is available 10 minutes prior to the call.  If Zoom prompts you for a passcode, please use 333.  If you want to dial in to the call by phone, find your location HERE

Facebook Group Image

The group is a portal for us all to comment, share and connect about the Ascension process of human evolutionary upgrade; but most importantly, it is a way for everyone to have access to information and energy from Source that will help to guide and support us all in the time ahead.  

Each LIVE Q&A with Judy Satori will be streamed into this group.  The replay of the program can be viewed in the group during and after the live stream has concluded.  SHARE THIS LINK with anyone who your feel might be interested. 🙏

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All the programs in the Ascension Library are from Judy's many years as a spiritual channel and teacher. They transmit energy from Ascended Masters and Source/Creation. They are divinely designed to help you BE your VERY BEST SELF.

When you activate your Ascension Library membership you receive instant access to curated Ascension pathways, live mentoring events, regenesis podcasts and masterclass programs featuring over 500 energy transmissions.