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There are two levels of  Library membership; Gateway and Accelerated ... with the Accelerated Membership level containing everything that is in the Gateway Level.

Joining the library 'activates' a subscription with our secure payment stripe and automatic payment is direct-debited  from your nominated card. 

You can upgrade, cancel or put your membership on-hold for up to three-months by contacted the  membership team.  

Purchase a Program as an 'Add On'

The following programs can be purchased and added to Your Ascension Library Portal for unlimited access for a one-time payment. Owning a program gives you the ability to download audios to sync offline or burn to cd while still having full access in the Library Program.

"Judy Satori's Ascension Library is One of a kind!
My experience with Judy's Library is truly AMAZING and I use it often.
The light language is extremely healing on every level and it has helped me to minimize my ascension symptoms. I can dance and be in Joy almost every day!
The Mary Magdalene transmissions are one of my favorites and I feel as though I am coming home when I listen to The Search for the Golden Tara.
I cannot wait to experience more!"

Beata Radwanski
Library Member from Poland
If you have any questions about your membership upgrade process please contact Michelle Swanson our  awesome Community Manager _  [email protected]
For all other technical, help, or other library requests please visit our Membership Support Section or submit a help request by clicking the Green ?HELP button in the bottom right of this, any any other library page.
This process allows for tracked handling and resolution of your issue by one of our global friendly ascension support crew.

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