These recordings will help you go into 2021 with greater ease and grace, vibrating more strongly and connectedly with PEACE and LOVE.

Listen to the entire recording above for an overview of what we are stepping into, and then listen to the 12*12* recordings; to support us to be happier no matter what might be happening in our world. Ideally listen once-a-day for the nine days between the 12th and 21st of December. 

On the 21st of December, these existing grids for JOY are amplified - THEN switch to this 21*12 transmission (below) for another nine days until the NEW YEAR. Spirit say these transmissions will help you feel more peaceful and grounded... and can be listened to into the start of 2021. ❤️

The 'Prayer of Becoming' was introduced in December LIVE on ASCENSION & YOU

In the video below, Judy reads the prayer and sets the intention for us from Spirit; ASCENSION & YOU is a live program, hosted by Judy nine times a year, available EXCLUSIVELY to Ascension Library Members.


In this recording Judy introduces a 'The Prayer of Becoming' it is a creation invocation to anchor new INTENTION ENERGIES for your Ascension Journey.  Click the Button below to download a copy of the prayer; print it and say the words on a daily basis. 



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