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The three day ASCENSION 2020 program focuses on the delivery of 24 CODES OF LIGHT with St. Germain.  Each 2/hour session will bring a new chapter of the story, and feature eight 'light-coded' transmissions. 

Four one-hour Teaching Sessions will be presented live at the Mana event, each 'audio only' session will be recorded and added to the 'Codes of Light' online program available by logging into your Ascension Portal or clicking on the links below.

You will be able to access these within a few days of the event:

  • Advanced Healing: With the Arcturians teach three techniques to calm the nervous system and support the changes occurring in the physical body as part of our ongoing Ascension process. 
  • Finding Your Way: St Germain will explain more about the bigger picture of the eternal life of the soul and just what life in human physical form on Earth is all about. 
  • Taking Action: What IS taking action?  How do we create in an entirely new way... just by BEING, when we’re so conditioned into DOING?  In this teaching session St Germain will guide us forward into a new way of being and living our human lives...ASCENDING while remaining in a physical human body on Earth.
  • Attune to Cosmos: Gifted metaphysical artist and cosmologist Jonathan Quintin creates computer graphics for the big screen presenting leading edge mathematics and sacred geometry. Judy Satori will transmit verbal Codes of Light in sync with the visual presentation to take you from Emergence to Unification with your soul and life itself. 
  • This session is audio.  The video with Judy’s transmissions overlaid is included. 
  • Plus, a 20-page printable program, sacred Maori songs and greetings, video stories and some surprises from ABOVE!

ALL THIS...for only $147 USD


"At ASCENSION 2020 you will experience a change of STATE, to become so much more than you currently know yourself to be. St. Germain will be working with me to permanently upgrade everyone participating at this event, to ignite your higher purpose and support you stepping forward." Judy Satori

Feedback from Ascension 2019 participants...

“The highlights for me was the co-created healing sessions; the propelling of all of us to find out own power, our song of the soul and our light; the shift in perceptions; and the opening of the gates in the mind, body, and soul.”

“This co-creation of light with unity consciousness and opening and clearing the blockages to follow the path of heart-mind and to reach the source of Beyond the Beyond were the highlights for me.”