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Gateway Membership

Activating your Gateway Membership will grant you access to a selection of powerful ascension resources, tools and energy activations through your own personalized membership portal.

In this portal you can track your journey, share your experiences and access the following foundational tools and programs ...

  • A curated selection of over 20 meditations and activations including the foundational Karma Clearing program 'Healing the Pain';

  • Karma Clear | Featuring over 50 Activations for Emotional Energy Release;

  • PDF and Kindle versions of the highly acclaimed book  Sunshine Before The Dawn;

  • The latest messages from Judy and Spirit delivered in the Full Moon Regenesis Transmissions;

  • Be All you can Be and More plus Special Bonus course 'Trusting Self';

  • The powerful 21 Energy Activation Keys for Ascension 2019 series;

  • Plus Regeneration Secrets, Five-day Mind & Body Reboot;

Purchased individually these programs are valued at over $750, but Spirit is asking me to making my work more accessible to more people ... please list to the audio below to learn more ;)

Ascension is a journey, not a destination ... internal and multi-dimensional and is not a race. This work can be triggering, but highly rewarding on many levels so please take things at your own pace.

Billing information:

This offer will give access to the 'Gateway' section of the Ascension Library on a recurring subscription with the first payment from your nominated card after the 5-day trial period, with future payments automatically processed every 28-days thereafter.

Throughout the 5-day trial period you will be sent some 'induction' emails that will share how to get the most from Your Ascension Library, technical assistance and information on how you can cancel your subscription and not be charged if you feel that the library is not for you.

Please note: library membership offers unlimited 'on-demand' audio recordings and requires a reliable internet connection in order to listen and access the content. If you want to purchase programs to own these all have downloadable mp3 and pdf content as can be accessed through judysatori.com.


What People Are Saying:

“Judy Satori's Ascension Library is One of a kind! My experience with Judy's Library is truly AMAZING and I use it often. The light language is extremely healing on every level and it has helped me to minimize my ascension symptoms. I can dance and be in Joy almost every day! ... I cannot wait to experience more!”

Beata R.

“I want to express how much I love Judy and it's unusual to find a teacher that is so pure and egoless ... I've never felt this way about any teacher, and I've followed a lot of people through the years. I speak Light Language but still wanting to understand if it's just for me or if I will be using it with others. I love the Ascension Library and I'm so grateful for all of you behind the scenes making this such a wonderful resource for the world! Thank you again, and many blessings.”

Signe D.

“Your transmissions through the energy words are quite profound and I am very grateful. ”

Christine H.