$220.00 USD

Ascension Expansion | One-on-One Mentoring

The Ascension Library is a portal to activate your true human potential. All of the library's pathways include self-guiding support notes and a vast knowledge base of user experience. However, we understand that at times we need a little extra support in life.

Anabell Ariah (the Ascension Library's community expansion ambassador) will help you connect with your true Soul Beauty and ACCELERATE your path of Ascension. She intends to help you to get to where YOU want to go in YOUR life faster!!! Join her in your own personalised coaching series.

Each coaching series comprises of 1 x 75-minute and 1 x 45-minutes follow-up sessions.  These live Expansion Calls includes:

Discussion of the major fears and obstacles blocking you right now and stopping you from moving forward;

New understanding of the most important changes and outcomes to manifest in the next 3-6 months;

An action plan of pathways and recordings in the Ascension Library that can support your journey;   

In your one-on-one sessions, Anabell will use her vast life experience, spiritual guidance, many years using the Library recordings, and personal connection with Judy Satori and Spirit over the past 20 years to support you during this session, AND at any stage in your Ascension Journey.

After you register you will see a new "Ascension Expansion" pathway added to your Library, follow the steps in this pathway to book your session with Anabell. We have morning and evening sessions to suit all time zones.