Detox for the Physical Body

Detox for the Physical Body is brought to us by Spirit to explain the causes of many common ascension symptoms and to transmit the energy to correct and bring physical discomfort into balance.

Can provide relief for the following Ascension Symptoms:  

Fatigue and low energy  | Clearing the throat chakra  |  Insomnia | Endocrine gland and hormonal imbalance | Stress and anxiety overload | Hair Loss | Joint pain and inflammation  | Spinal misalignment | Brain fog – wanting to sleep | Chest/sinus congestion | Digestive issues | Parasites | Low immune function | Tinnitus – inner ear issues | Deep level clearing of the morphogenetic fields.

There are three audio files included with this purchase:  

  • Track One | Explains the 'energetic' cause of many of the above-mentioned physical issues and includes energy transmissions to clear and balance. 
  • Track Two | Deep-level morphogenetic clearing. Clear karmic energy distortion and provides energtic foundation for the Body to Detox.
  • Track Three | A looped audio track. Cuts out much of the explanation that is in Track One but leaves in the energy transmissions, which are each looped three times to make the effects stronger.

The recordings in this offer are included with Ascension Library Membership - access is available with a Monthly Subscription. 

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USD $55 | One-Time Payment

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