The Codes of Light 25-48

This new masterclass from Judy Satori opens time locks within DNA sequencing, so that re-sequencing and a new, upgraded outcome and form of expression can occur for body, mind, and spirit. 

"The Codes of Light are like an unfolding melody of divine perfection being anchored into your physical body and energy fields. This anchoring will positively enhance and affect everything about how you see yourself in the world and feel inside yourself. You will understand more about our true potential as human beings and feel and experience your own transformation."

Judy Satori

🌟 What's Included 🌟

  • The Story of Our Divine Human Creation: An Introduction to Part Two of the Codes of Light.
  • 3 Sessions of Anchoring the Codes of Light: Each session includes a two-hour recording with multidimensional stories, energy transmissions, and meditations.
  • 24 Codes of Light: Choose the audio-only option, edited for easy repeated listening.
  • Integration and Mentoring with Judy and our Community Expansion + Support Team. LIVE November 1st*
  • Six one-hour Ascension Expansion Teaching Sessions with Special Guests.
  • Access Video Replays on any device through your personalized Ascension Portal.
  • Enjoy lifetime access to all recordings and edited transcripts in your unique portal within the Ascension Library.
  • Access Part One of the Codes of Light  series with activations 1-24 as a member of Judy Satori's Ascension Library with a 13-day free trial, then only $33/month.*

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Ascension 2020 | Participant Feedback:

I have been walking on air for 2 days since we began on Saturday morning. I haven't consciously done it. It has just happened. The whole 3 days and this sublime teaching have uplifted me so much. So very, very excited. Lots of fun this afternoon with lots of synchronicities and the sun came out. Heartfelt thanks to you, St Germain and Judy. Stupendous!!! Celebrating with all of us as we reach this point. xxxxx


Thank you Judy, to the spiritual realm and all of our soul family. This has been amazing! From intense vibrations, heat waves, real coldness, to deep sadness when listening to the one from the inner core of earth, some great teachings and many learnings, a lot of love and beauty was shared. I experienced an intense pressure in my third eye for an entire day almost painful, to what felt like a nice brain tickle which changed to a brain fry on the lower back of my brain and the top and center on Day 3 with the final codes which sent me to bed. The waiatas (songs at Mana) were beautiful, and the insights and experiences shared by others, and I was sending love to all those who needed it at this time as I'm sure the rest of us were.


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