Welcome to my Ascension Library, an evolutive portal to activate your true Human Potential. For over 22 years I have worked to merge sacred science and spirituality to empower people to remember who they really are.

At this time of re-genesis our human DNA is being sparked into new life, and can be recoded through the sound and energetic activations transmitted through me from Source. These sound and light vibrations are key codes to unlock your true human potential. They are part of all the meditations, activation's, short courses, live talks and master-classes featured in this Ascension Library.

My mission is to assist your transformation into the amazingly, talented human being that you are. I look forward to you joining me on this journey.


How Can the Ascension Library Help You?

"The energy words that I speak are designed to clear karmic miasms, blocked energy from past life that sabotages and limits us; realign energy circuits; balance body, mind and spirit; open soul memory & past life ability and open the heart into love." 

For a long-time I have wanted to make my evolutive work with DNA and the human energy field  accessible and affordable for everyone.  Now, six months since launching memberships to this new 'Ascension Library,' I am humbled by the support from people all around the planet as this unity community continues to grow.

There are some VERY exciting plans for 2019 and beyond and I look forward to you joining me on this exciting journey.

This 'Ascension Library' is designed to be your personalized portal to living a life of passion and purpose. Inside the library you will discover hundreds of audio based meditations, activations, live video event recordings, short-courses, e-books, music and master-classes created in the 22 years on my spiritual path of purpose.

These masterclasses have sold for hundreds of dollars in the past, and yet Spirit is now asking me to let go and share this entire catalogue with the world for a low-cost monthly 'Netflix model'.

It is a process in trust that I can be supported by my global community and Spirit to unlock dormant human potential, and spark new life on a new Earth.  The energies of regenesis are coming to Earth as the cosmic energies continue to accelerate and expand until about 2033.


Your transmissions through the energy words are quite profound and I am very grateful. You are an amazing deeply loving woman and Being.”
–Christine H.
I wish to express my deepest gratitude, love and blessings for all the work that you do for Earth and Humanity. I am so blessed by being able to receive the most beneficial information that you are so graciously have been making available to the world!
–Magdalena C.
Judy Satori's Ascension Library is One of a kind! My experience with Judy's Library is truly AMAZING and I use it often. The light language is extremely healing on every level and it has helped me to minimize my ascension symptoms. I can dance and be in Joy almost every day! ... I cannot wait to experience more!
–Beata R.

Ascension Library Membership Options

We are currently upgrading the Ascension Library to create an exciting new user experience so this is a great time to join our community. The next evolution of the library is designed to meet you at your stage of Ascension journey and guide you through a series of pathways that incorporate my ground-breaking audio activations, adventures with spirit and an exciting new Unity Community experience. 

I invite you to join free for a 5-Days to trial the experience.


Activating this membership will give you access to a series of foundational short courses, karmic clearings audio tracks, DNA activations, meditations;  including the monthly Full Moon Regenesis Transmissions where I bring forward the coded activations I receive to assist us with the presenting energies of “now” and this lunar cycle.

The new 'Accelerated' Library is designed for those who have some foundational experience with my work and  features live events, master-classes, mentoring and my stage two and three Ascension programs. 


Sometimes it is great to just OWN an amazing life-changing master-class to access whenever you wish! With your purchase you will receive the MP3 audio files so you can download to make a CD, or sync to your device to listen offline.


We are co-creating a global evolutionary community. If you would like to share how this work has been a catalyst for change in your life then I would LOVE to hear from you. Follow me on your favorite social channel as I share messages and special gifts from Spirit * Love & blessings, Judy Satori


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