Welcome to the Ascension Library: The teachings and energy transmissions in this evolutive portal are the pioneering work of wayshower and multidimensional channel, Judy Satori


Welcome to the Ascension Library: The teachings and energy transmissions in this evolutive portal are the pioneering work of wayshower and multidimensional channel, Judy Satori

"The Light Languages that I speak are divinely designed to clear blocked energy that may be sabotaging you in this lifetime.  They work to realign the chakras and energy circuitry of the physical body, supporting regeneration and  expansion of soul memory and abilities.

The meditations, short courses, live events, and masterclasses in this Ascension Library use a type of energy alchemy called 'Ultralight' to activate changes at a cellular level  and allow previously dormant soul and mind power potential to express."

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Featured Recording:

Becoming Authentically YOU will take you on a sacred journey to rediscover and reconnect to the I AM higher-self aspect of who you are with 21 meditations, channelled teaching sessions and energy transmissions curated in an easy to follow ascension pathway.

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Ascension is the path of soul expansion and human evolutionary upgrade.  It is a process that will activate physical change within you and spark a profound change in your consciousness.

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"Judy is so gentle, humble and honours all of life. Her wisdom is profound. She is a pure gift to Humanity. ๐Ÿ’•๐Ÿ’•๐Ÿ’•"

Bridgit Cray

Ascension Library Member

"Judy Satori is one of the most authentic healers that I have ever met; she's very kind, generous and caring... whenever I listen to her transmissions I feel at peace, she is truly a gifted and loving human being.  I highly suggest her work." 

Debra Robinson

Ascension Library Member

"One of the most down to earth yet deeply cosmic Wayshowers on the planet... lives her life from the heart wisdom and guidance from spirit in all that she does ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ’–"

Suzanne Shafritz

Ascension Library Member

BEAUTIFUL ... Create A Vibrational Shift and Rejuvenate Your Physical Body and enhance Soul Beauty.  The program only requires reading a short daily affirmation and listening during five consecutive days in each of five consecutive weeks.   

USD$147 | or included with Library Membership.                            

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13-days of transformation with the energies from of Goddess Golden Tara recorded LIVE with Judy Satori in the Sacred Land of Ladakh, northern India. Activate many positive changes and access a more confident and more joyful expression of SELF.

USD$155 | or included with Library Membership.

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The 21-day 'Becoming God~Goddess' program will expand you further into Love than ever before!! Clearing karmic blocks, then anchoring and activating YOUR Divine feminine and masculine authentic soul self.  So that you can BE LOVE and attract LOVE.       

USD$147 | or included with Library Membership.

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This set of 18 studio-recorded ultralight energy transmissions focuses on expanding you into greater empowerment, expanding your capacity as creators, and anchoring a deeper level of clearing.

USD$99 | or included with Library Membership.

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Transcend to a Space that is Beyond Healing and Experience an Alchemical Energy, a New Vitality, and Life Force for the Body with Regeneration Secrets. Yours to own and use whenever you need a detox, reboot or reset./p>

USD$47 | or included with Library Membership.

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The Energy Keys for Ascension program includes EVERYTHING that is required for you to walk your path of ASCENSION with greater ease and grace and gain maximum benefit from the energies streaming to Earth.

USD$147 | or included with Library Membership.

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The Transcripts of Mary Magdalene is a three-part trilogy inspired by Judy's experiences with the spirit of Mary Magdalene on several trips to the caves of La Sainte Baume in France where she spent the final phases of her life.             

USD$147 | or included with Library Membership.

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Access a more expanded matrix of divine creation with 6 hours of live masterclass recordings, 24 Ultralight Energy Transmissions from St. Germain, three discussion sessions, and four live teaching sessions.

USD$147 | or included with Library Membership.

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Join Judy as she explores an ancient pyramid complex in this two-part series featuring amazing channelled information, new archaeological evidence, and video recordings.

USD$155 | or included with Library Membership.


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Get a taste of Ascension Energies by experiencing one of Judy's LIVE events from the selection of featured offerings below or visit the events page for a full listing.

Breaking Through Holder

BREAKING THROUGH is a six-week course that Judy offers as a gift to anyone. 

Experience this transformative process in your physical body and consciousness through Judy Satori's powerful energy transmissions, channelled information.

Ascension & You Holder

ASCENSION & YOU is a 90-minute LIVE event where Judy delves deeper into a range of spirit-led topics.

With a focus on mentoring and support, this webinar is exclusive to Ascension Library members.  

Codes to Light Holder

Experience Judy in the CODES OF LIGHT Masterclass. Filmed during a three day global event.  

Take the first step on your sacred soul-cycle journey and receive free access to Your Alpha to Omega Story.  



Explore featured articles from our Ascension Life eMagazine and a selection of other published stories, audio, and video recordings from Judy and the Ascension Library Team.

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Anchor new INTENTION ENERGIES into your life with The Prayer of Becoming:


This prayer will propel you into the energies of strength and love.  With repetition, as you deepen your understanding of it, your creation of energy alchemy will exponentially increase.

By bringing The Prayer of Becoming into your life as a daily practice, you will change the energy fields within you.   This will restore and renew hope within you, and allow us to reflect it out into your world.

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