The Ascension Library is an archive of Judy Satori's work with Spirit.

Use the library as you would choose a book that interests and excites you.

These 'books' have positive, life enhancing energy effects on body & mind.

The 1000+ energy transmissions in the Library will prepare & support you through a process of human advancement called ASCENSION. 

The Languages of Light that Judy speaks are Energy Words of New Creation, divinely designed to clear blocked energy that may be sabotaging you in this lifetime and activate powerful, positive transformation. 

This will realign the chakras and energy circuitry of the physical body, support the expansion of your soul memory and abilities and open the heart into love. 

Light - LIfe DNA Recoding also has a regenerative effect on the body. 

The meditations, courses, and masterclasses in the Ascension Library use energy alchemy transmitted from Source and high vibrational Spiritual guides to activate changes at the level of the cells and the DNA template. 


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Feedback From Members

Judy is so gentle, humble and honours all of life. Her wisdom is profound.

She is a pure gift to Humanity.



Judy is one of the most authentic healers that I ever met. When I listen to her transmissions I feel at peace. She is a gifted and loving human being.


One of the most down to earth yet deeply cosmic Wayshowers on the planet. Lives her life from the heart wisdom and guidance from spirit in all that she does.



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Anchor new Intention Energies into your life with

The Prayer of Becoming



By using The Prayer of Becoming as part of your daily practice, you will change the energy fields within you.

You will be propelled into the energies of strength and love. This will restore and renew hope within you, and allow you to reflect it out into the world.

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Ascension is the path of soul expansion and human evolutionary upgrade. 

It will activate physical change within you and spark a profound change in your consciousness.

Popular Library Programs

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Breaking Through Holder

Light-Life DNA Recoding is a series of channelled energy transmissions that are transmitted into the cells of the body and the DNA template.

These recordings are designed to shift humanity out of old physical and consciousness patterns and create a more evolved physical form.  

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Ascension & You Holder

Regeneration Alchemy is an easy-to-use five-step program that activates the energy memory of the perfected pattern of the physical body.

Expect enhanced vitality, improved cellular metabolism, and anti-aging benefits. 

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Codes to Light Holder

This immersive 7-week series includes 21 unique modules designed to take you on a sacred journey to rediscover and reconnect to the I AM, higher self aspect of who you are.

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