Becoming Authentically You will take you on a sacred journey to reconnect to the I AM higher-self aspect of who you are


By listening to this curated series in ascending order you will be guided to go deeper into your true authentic state of being. We are being propelled, shifted very quickly as part of this ongoing divinely designed Ascension process into becoming more of the true I AM aspect of who we REALLY ARE.

This seven-week series is  delivered through Judy's Ascension Library Portal.

Each week contains three recordings, featuring sacred teachings and energy transmissions, hand-picked by Judy and her Spiritual guides from the hundreds of recordings that exist in the Ascension Library. 

Week One:

Judy shares information and energy transmissions to align you with grounded integrity.

Week Two:

You will be supported with courage and conviction to stand in your authentic truth.

Week Three:

Work with Intention and guided focus to come HOME to your sacred SOUL calling.

Week Four:

A catalyst of LOVE 💕 A time of heart opening and anchoring your divine human potential.

Week Five:

Unlock your Creativity and write a NEW story to expand your life and manifest your dreams.

Week Six:

Work with energies of Lyra to build a stronger sense of self and manifest a life of expansion.

Week Seven:

Access the pinnacle of SOUL expression and become a divine creator with passion and joy.


Join Judy and our Ascension Community for a live event to explore the program deeper.

Becoming Authentically You can be accessed with your library membership or as a one-time purchase

Bring new connections and understanding of your soul self in this lifetime and step into 2022 with self-empowered, passion and purpose.

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BECOMING AUTHENTICALLY YOU will create changes in how you feel inside yourself and attract many positive changes in your life.

  • Heightened sense of peace and calm
  • Greater happiness
  • New insights, wisdom, knowing how and what to do
  • Enhanced creativity
  • Good things happen as if by chance
  • Able to rise above the Collective consciousness
  • Feel more powerful and positive
  • Recognition as others see you differently
  • Better health and wellbeing because you are less stressed
  • Greater sense of love and connection with all life
  • Better able to create and manifest
  • Able to decide what YOU WANT
  • Heart-centered inner power
  • LOVE bursting from you and through you
  • Connection with a more expanded view of multi-galactic, cosmic life
  • Connection with angelic and/or star beings
  • Feeling ONE with the Divine
  • Magnetizing GOOD and ABUNDANCE into your life

You are not alone on this human journey of soul expression. You have a reason for being and a higher purpose. It is time to go deeper into your true essence.

Judy was guided by Spirit to create an I AM THAT I AM template, to reclaim WHO IT IS that YOU REALLY ARE...

"I was told by Spirit that each of the six points on the star related to an attribute or energy characteristic; we need to anchor each of these characteristics within our being to reach the pinnacle of expressing our authentic passion for life and feel fulfilled. 

This is the destination of this seven-week "Becoming Authentically You" journey; beginning with Grounded Integrity/Peace and progresses through Truth/Knowing; Intention/Focus; Creativity/Inspiration; Expansion/Expression; and Passion/Fulfilment. The catalyst for it all is Love/Heart Opening in the center of the star."


When you listen to and follow the sequence of the I AM THAT I AM pathway you will be empowered and supported to rediscover your authentic truth.


I was not expecting this to be so thorough.  With the strong energies moving through right now, I feel so much more grounded after listening to this!


I always feel much more balanced, relaxed and uplifted after listening to this energy transmission.  One of my favourites in the Ascension Library!


Week One: Grounded Integrity/Inner Peace

Hara Line Rebalance | 5.56 mins

The hara line is the energy line of purpose and intention in the body. We need to ensure that this energy of being able to focus and align with one’s highest potential is balanced as it is the foundation for EVERYTHING that we want to create in life. 

Tuning the Physical Instrument | 27.09mins

Tuning the Physical Instrument is a thirty-minute "light language" energy meditation to tune the organs and systems of the body to restore integrated functioning, wellness, and balance. 

Meditation for Peace, Love and Joy | 14.38 mins

A guided meditation creating a magenta-colored pyramid of Peace, Love and Joy.  The Magenta Pyramid will expand and harmonise your personal energy vibration and support your process of physical regeneration and Ascension. 

What a wonderful introduction for anyone who wants to have some understanding of why we are here, what life is all about and how to make the best of it… I already feel huge relief with floods of joy around me.


What an incredibly beautiful meditation, thank you Judy.  All my life I've longed to be more connected to my Soul Group Family (Monad). I now know that I am part of the Ancient of Days and I am here to hold Light & Space and bring Joy wherever I go.


Week Two: Truth/Knowing

Story and Meditation from the Path of the Soul Less Traveled | 32.31 mins

At a certain point on our Ascension path more of the authentic truth and light of our soul-self merges with our physical self. What is really occurring is that our personality self, our human self in this life, is merging with the I AM, eternal soul aspect of us. 

Remember Your Origins to Reclaim Your Essence | 30.27 mins

This guided meditation from the Elohim will take you on a journey into your soul’s past. As you listen to this recording you will gain insights that will assist you in the creation of your life today. 

Standing in the Heart’s Strength | 50.20 mins

This Energy transmission from the (Buddhist) Goddess Tara will support you to heal imbalance within your love nature and the heart chakra. This transmission will also help you to balance states of anger, judgment, repudiation, jealousy, victim consciousness, dalliance, and pride. 

I loved this so much.  Stunning.  The power of this and many stories is supporting me through and home.  Thank you so much for holding the light, truth and the energy... Feeling the shifts and changes.


​​I have always loved this meditation and with the addition of the words it literally makes my whole body feel joyful.


Week Three: Intention/Focus

Cutting the Cords Meditative Technique | 24.34 mins

Protect yourself from forces of lower consciousness and vibration with this powerful light protection from Archangel Michael. This transmission is very powerful in its energy effects. It will work with karmic energy that is being released through you and with lower vibrational energy that is being projected at you.  It will also cut energy cords of direct psychic attack. 

Coming Home to Self | 29.25 mins

A song, ‘Coming Home’ by Australian Soul Singer Courtenay Stickels, plus energy transmissions to bring you strength, flexibility, vigor and light.  Before beginning, drink water and create a sacred space where you will not be disturbed. 

Going Beyond Your Story | 18.06 mins

A meditation - opening to joy. Mary Magdalene speaks from her heart to your heart. 

This experience has been profound for me. The transmissions are deep, meaningful and real... I've been searching for a long time for this type of assistance and I’m grateful it has appeared.


Tears are flowing, love is moving me at my core.


Week Four: LOVE & Heart Opening 


Breathing in the Breath of Life | 12.06 mins

Most of us are used to diminished breathing, using only a small part of our lung capacity. This may be because of past life trauma or current life stress. In this recording, Judy transmits a series of energy transmissions to help the lungs increase their capacity.  This set of energy transmissions clears energy blocks on multiple levels, because there are different karmic situations that have caused us to hold our breath. The energy work is centred around the heart chakra, which is intimately connected to the lungs. 

Radiate/Archangel Michael | 7.01 mins

Now is the time to step forward and activate your true soul potential with the Archangel Michael. 

Expanded Heart Opening | 10.16 mins

Experience alchemical change that will elevate your feelings of physical and emotional wellbeing and enhance your capacity to love. 

 I had a powerful connection to my soul self... With the clear message that I am loved!  There were gentle tears flowing down my cheek.  I feel now that I'm shedding the karmic density of unworthiness that I am carrying.


While listening to Dare to Dream in the golden room I heard the words... ‘I am a walking Miracle!’. Now that’s a great NEW start to the year.


Week Five: Creativity/

Sovereignty of Self | 32.38 mins

The Sovereignty of Self meditation will help you to become a stronger, more capable person because, when you listen to this transmission, more of the authentic light of the soul will be anchored into who you are on a physical level. 

Dare to Dream/New Vision | 21.55 mins

A new beginnings guided meditation, Dare to Dream. The energy will support you to write a new, uplifted chapter of the book of your life. Don’t confine your dream to what might be showing up in your life RIGHT NOW. Dream big. Then create the most magical vision for your future.

Higher Self Meditation | 22.27 mins

A meditative journey to connect more deeply with the guidance and authentic truth of your higher self. It is designed to eradicate false stories and vows that you may have made about yourself and how you relate to life. 

Blessed be!  I am so happy with Be All You Can Be and More, I felt the energy in every cell of my body!


Have no words to describe the energy behind these words.  This sublime energy is beyond this world.  Thank you so much Judy...  I feel so loved and cherished right now.


Week Six: Expansion/


Enter the Void of New Creation | 28.06 mins

A guided meditation inviting you to enter the void/possibility of your own new creation. Along the way, you will be given gifts to support you on the journey in the days, weeks, and months ahead. 

Build a Stronger Sense of Self | 9.52 mins

This energy transmission comes to us from the Lyrans. It will help you to build a stronger, clearer concept of self. Their energy will assist you to create what you wish to manifest and bring into your life. The Lyran energy instills love, peace, emotional and physical balance, and self-respect. It will help you speak up for yourself and stand in your truth to express the authenticity of your soul’s inner wisdom. 

Tuning the Third Eye Chakra | 21.41 mins

This session tunes the third-eye chakra and works with the pineal gland to improve your ability to receive and transmit energy and information. These energy transmissions and the  information from Alpha Centauri will spark a shift in consciousness and expand your mind into new ways of thinking and creating to open neuron pathways and instill faith. 

Tears of joy swelled in my eyes as I received and felt the reassurance and truth of this key (Key of Grace).  Some aspects of my life have come into full view these past two months resulting in a sense of closure and release.  So the truth of today’s key was felt at a knowing level. How absolutely wonderful. Gratitude fills my heart.


Such beauty in the overall experience created by this key (Inspiration & Enlightenment).  Such Peace and overwhelming Gratitude that it has brought me.  I can only say thank you Judy and the Creator.


Week Seven: Passion/Fulfilment

Key of Grace | 5.51 mins

Bask in Divine Light and receive blessings of divine support and acknowledgment.  Know that however challenging life might be for you right now you are NOT ALONE.  You are held in GRACE, the angels are with you always and no harm will come to you. 

Inspiration and Enlightenment | 5.46 mins

Passion is the force that brings us from NO THING to EVERY THING. This powerful energy transmission contains an outpouring of Divine Light to illuminate and galvanize your purpose and potential to be inspired.  Allow yourself to move beyond your previously held concepts of self

The 150 Steps of La Sainte Baume | 54.03 mins

At La Sainte Baume in Provence, France, there are 150 steps that one must climb to reach the grotto where Mary Magdalene once lived. This guided meditation features 150 light language energy transmissions designed by Spirit as an Ascension acceleration catalyst and powerful initiation experience Activating you to walk your own path of human and soul Ascension.