Judy Satori is an world renowned Ascension expert and speaker on a range of global summits, podcasts, and other digital platforms. This page is dedicated to sharing upcoming 'online events' and as an archive for some of our favorites.

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Upcoming Events

ASCENSION & YOU is a 90-minute LIVE event exploring a range of spirit-led topics to assist us ALL to a greater level of clarity in these evolutive times. 

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Broadcast: September 13th

Despite living through a time of tremendous global uncertainty, a feeling of renewed optimism and excitement is beginning to stir within the hearts and minds of many people.

Are we on the cusp of something new and radically different? Is there a divinely orchestrated bigger picture and plan to life- beyond what we know.

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Broadcast:  September 24th

Regeneration Secrets - Activate New Vitality and Life Force in the Body. 

Join Judy in September for the latest edition of this popular podcast on "Voice of America".  (Scroll down to access previous editions)


Previous Episodes

Broadcast:  December 10th

The 21 Keys of Ascension. 

In December on the Love~Light podcast, Judy discusses her powerful new series of divinely designed energy transmissions to help you navigate the changes you are experiencing in your life. 


Previous Episodes

The 21 Energy Keys for Ascension are short sequences of sound and light transmitted from a more expanded Source Creation energy matrix. They are designed to open time locks within human DNA and activate a more capable, expanded, and evolved species of human being.  INCLUDED with Ascension Library Membership.

21 Energy Key:
Expansion & Advancement

Delve deeper into the new set of 'Energy Keys' for 2021. Judy brings forward energy transmissions from Source Creation that will uplift and support you to open into your infinite Human Soul Potential.

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The Quantum Field:
How it Affects our New Life in the Body.

In this episode, Judy explores physical regeneration and how we can tap into the Quantum field for our own physical wellbeing and renewal.

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Strengthening the 'tree' of our new life- spine, skeleton, bones.  

Builds on your newly acquired capacity to tap into the Quantum Field, to activate the 'The intention Field of Miracles' for our enhanced well-being and the access new potential.  

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Are you struggling to remain centered and balanced?  Is stuff coming up with other people in your life?  Do you sometimes feel misunderstood and invalidated? 

It's all part of the sifting, weaving, transforming changes of Ascension.  Join us for insight and support.

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This session is about trust and faith, but trust and faith on a gut-feeling level, not trust and faith from the head and the mind. 

Our loved ones from Beyond the Beyond will give you an experience of knowing that all is well and help you bring calm, centredness, peace, and new direction into your life.

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This session featured multi-galactic support and multi-dimensional advancement to step into the void with NO fear of the unknown.

Hold close to the intention, "I am guided and supported on this journey of life and self-discovery.

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The 'light languages' that Judy speaks are automatically transmitted from multi-galactic guides and ascended masters.

She was never taught how to speak these languages. It is just something that she innately knows how to do. Judy feels that a connection has been made with her soul memory and that she was able to do this in previous life times. Judy has thousands of testimonials from people worldwide who have been positively influenced to be more capable and happier human beings.

"I do your meditations daily and I'm seeing huge results. You are correct when you say your body will be restructured thru these activations! I have lost 40lbs without trying, just by doing activation. It's absolutely amazing!!"

Sarah S.

Ascension Library Member

"Beloved Judy made a huge difference in my life. My heart opened to life like a rose blossoming and filling the air with its perfume. I found my soul purpose and the most intimate and passionate relationship of my life has started.

It became easier not to judge others and see the best in people. I happened to have the clarity of the mind and the perception of the heart to see clearly and beyond what seemed to be obvious. 🙏💗 🌟 "

Lalitya. A

Ascension Library Member

"I have never been so altered by any kind of healing before. When you spoke the light language I felt intense rapid eye movement and a full body vibration. I had been sick with some kind of digestive issues and came here for the toxin clearing. 
This is day 3 and I have no more symptoms I have struggled with for a month. "

Robin P.

Ascension Library Member

Judy Satori joins Dr Jean Farish on the ‘LOVE LIGHT’ show on the Voice of America radio.

In this four-part series, you will learn techniques to create the energy magnetic of faith and receive energy transmissions to support you in creating a life more to YOUR DESIGN.   Life is all about change and change ‘can happen on a dime’ and it’s time for us to learn how to create our lives from a place of empowered, DELIBERATE DESIGN. Magic CAN happen! 

The Power of Surrender

Surrender is not about giving up ...  Surrender is the letting go of fear and anxiety and building inner resources of trust, flexibility and core strength. 

In part one of the "Overcoming Obstacles" series, Judy transmits sound frequencies that will help you to come into your centre, to feel stronger and more capable that you can create a new way of living life going forward and be happy.  


The Energy Power of Faith

How do we change our reality when everything seems against us and we’re up against what seems like a very solid brick wall?

 In this part two of the series Judy, shares how to harness the energy of FAITH; the creative impetus of Spirit and the Universe that has the power to set aside obstacles and pave the way for our positive NEW CREATION.


Deliberate Creation

You will be divinely guided and energetically supported to assist people everywhere to create a new reality of health and happiness, and to co-create a global society of peace, abundance, and loving-kindness.

In part three of this series, ‘Deliberate Creation’, Judy, discusses the skills required to make real change manifest in your life.


Keeping on, Keeping on

How do we overcome life's challenges and obstacles that can seem unrelenting when it feels like there is no patch of blue sky ahead? What do you do when you just don't know what to do anymore, because nothing you do seems to work?

These questions will be answered in the final part of the 'Overcoming Obstacles' series with Dr. Jean Farish. 


The Ascension Library provides affordable access to a curated selection of meditations, energy transmissions, live events, life-changing short courses, and advanced masterclasses. Each designed to support your spiritual growth and activation of your true human potential.

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The Ascension Library provides affordable access to a curated selection of meditations, energy transmissions, live events, life-changing short courses, and advanced masterclasses. Each designed to support your spiritual growth and activation of your true human potential.



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