Judy Satori is an Ascension Teacher and
Activator of Human Potential

If anyone had told me 25 years ago when I worked in Public Relations that I would one day speak the Arcturian language, or any of the multi-dimensional light languages that I speak, I would not have believed them!

My work with Spirit was not something I ever knew was coming or planned to do. My life changed in March 1996 when I followed a calling to attend a Learn to Channel workshop in Auckland, New Zealand.


Judy explains how energy works and how light languages are transmitted from multi-galactic guides and ascended masters. 

Judy shares her experience working with the energy field and a transmission to assist with balance and purpose.


Sunshine Before the Dawn reads like a work of fiction, but every word was telepathically transmitted.

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Judy's Massive Global Impact

I love all the programs. It's been like a banquet feast having access to this library! Everday I make a selection and off I go into such beauty & bliss. The library itself is like a Beautiful Mother of Dragons, birthing Infinite Opportunities way beyond the human mind.


I have never been so altered by any kind of healing before! When you spoke the light language I felt intense rapid eye movement and a full body vibration. I had been sick with digestive issues and came here for the toxin clearing. I have no more symptoms


I do your meditations daily and I'm seeing huge results!

You are correct when you say your body will be restructured thru these activations! I have lost 40lbs without trying, just by doing activation. It's absolutely amazing!


Sunshine Before The Dawn

Why We’re Here and What We’ve Come to Do


The book will help all reconnect to our authentic soul truth and stand in the heart-centered power of who we really are. It is the Divine right time for our human Avatar genetic code to be activated to switch on and express. 

You will open to a more expanded awareness of your path and your purpose.

Sunshine Before The Dawn is a love story between the Siriun woman Essayenya and Mosteenya, Lyran leader of the Galactic Council. it is also the story of how human beings were created 100,000 years ago as a joint initiative between the Star Nations of our Milky Way Galaxy and the Elohim, the God Creators and brought to seed the Earth with a more advanced genetic code.

The years 2020-2033 encompass a period of powerful divinely planned Ascension activation. We see many changes occurring within ourselves and globally in the world around us.


The ebook is included in an Ascension Library membership as an added benefit!

Also available as a one-time purchase in English, German, Polish, & Japanese


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Kowhai – Sophora (New Zealand Flower)


The name kowhai is the New Zealand Māori word for yellow. The kowhai yellow flowers suddenly appear on the barren branches of the tree to herald the beginning of spring.

I used this flower in my logo design and on the website because its flowers suddenly appearing on bare branches is symbolic of the spiritual alchemy that is occurring for all of humanity at this springtime of a new 26,000 year Great Age.


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