Current Library Programs & Courses

Light Life DNA Recoding

Be guided through a divine DNA encoding process, as Judy transmits energy words from Source Creation into your cells to catalyze a monumental shift.

Codes of Light 1 - 24

Part 1 in the Codes of Light series. Judy anchors energies as Codes 1-24 are transmitted to unlock and activate your soul and human potential.

Codes of Light 25 - 48Ā 

Part 2 in the Codes of Light series. Songlines from Heaven are divinely anchored into your physical body and energy fields with the new Codes 25-48.

Energy Keys For Ascension

Energy transmissions to uplift and support you to open into your infinite Human Soul Potential and support you through current Earth changes.

Ascension Guide

This guide is your navigational tool to get the most out of the Ascension Library. Judy covers more on Ascension, and gives recommendations on where to begin and how to navigate the tools and resources in the Library.

Foundational Tools

This pathway features over 40 fast acting, short energy and alignment tools from Spirit. Use as desired, especially when you need a lift.

Ascension & You

ASCENSION & YOU isĀ a series of 90-minute recorded live webinars that explore a range of spirit-led topics to assist us all to a greater level of clarity in these evolutive times.

Ascension Support

The best curated short programs to support your Ascension path and help you to deal with physical and emotional detoxification symptoms.

Becoming Authentically You

A curated seven-week series featuring the BEST of Library to assist you in accessing your inner truth, personal knowing, and soul wisdom.

Be All You Can Be & More

If you are new to Judy's work it would be helpful to watch this short introduction to help provide some context to the BIGGER picture before embarking on this program.

Becoming God-Goddess

A 21-day program to help you BE and ATTRACT loveā€¦ the ā€˜Ascension Capstoneā€™ for the creation of the new fifth-dimensional human.

True Colors

Cast off the shackles of ā€˜perceivedā€™ human limitation with this program for life mastery, that will activate and anchor a new vision for life.

The Regenesis Transmissions

Accelerate your process of soul evolution with this set of 20 teachings from Spirit to understand more about your life path and purpose.

Regeneration Pathway

An evolutive pathway delivering three years of Judy's physical regeneration energy work with scientific understanding and spiritual expansion.

Regeneration Alchemy

This five-step process will activate the energy memory of the perfected pattern of the physical body, to support a degree of PHYSICAL REGENERATION.

Energy Alchemy

The 18 karmic clearing recordings to help clear sabotaging patterns of thought and belief. PUSH DELETE and expand into a NEW you.

Karmic Clearing

100+ short energy transmissions to rapidly clear karma. Repetitive, sabotaging thoughts, emotions and recurring patterns limiting you in life.

Breaking Through

A six-week process of physical, emotional and consciousness transformation leading to greater resilience, creativity and inspiration.

Speaking The Languages of Light

Be guided by the Ascended Master Thoth to speak the Languages of Light; the ancient languages of your soulā€™s multi-galactic heritage.

Initiation Starbeing

Be guided by the Ascended Master Thoth to speak the Languages of Light; the ancient languages of your soulā€™s multi-galactic heritage.

Secrets of The Bosnian Pyramids

Explore the 34,000-year-old legacy of three ancient civilizations with archaeological evidence channelled information and energy transmissions.

The Transcripts of Mary Magdalene

Open to love, joy and happiness in this three part masterclass inspired by Judy's time spent on a pilgrimage with to the south of France.

Search For The Golden Tara

A transformative 13-day Himalayan Adventure to expand into your own divine purpose with the Buddhist Goddess Tara in her ā€˜goldenā€™ emanation.

Path of The Soul Less Travelled

This pathway brings forth teachings to allow the authentic truth and light of your soul-self to merge with your physical self.

Beautiful Inside and Out

BEAUTIFUL activates and enhances Heart, Mind, Body, Soul with an easy to follow five-week program of daily affirmations and energy transmissions.

Weight Loss for Body and Mind

It's time to let go of emotional baggage that is sabotaging your life with this seven-week, energy activation program.

Feel Better Fast

This 27-minute audio track contains six sequences of Light Language energy transmissions to regenerate, revitalize and restore the physical body.

Healing The Pain

This program of energy healing and clearing from Spirit will help you release the pain of being dominated, abused and oppressed by others.

The New Human

The Fifth Element of Rapid Transformation goes Beyond Beautiful. The ULTRALIGHT frequency of new creation enhances cellular expression in the body.

Detox For The Physical Body

Over 3 recordings Spirit explains the causes of common Ascension symptoms and transmits energy to correct and balance physical discomfort.

Social Anxiety, Isolation and Loneliness

Social Anxiety, Isolation, and Loneliness can feel overwhelming and keep us locked in the prison of our mind. Learn to break free and belong.

Clearing and Healing The Throat Chakra

This recording clearis the fifth chakra of blocked karmic miasmic energy. The energy residue of traumatic past or present life thought and belief.

Protection Tools

Protect yourself from psychic attacks, energy depletion, and cut the cords from lower vibrational energy. Learn to recharge and reclaim your power

Judy Satori Live Archives

An archive of LIVE recorded teaching sessions from Judy Satori to expand your understanding of our collective soul journey.

Brain Fog & Tinnitus

The energies of mental overload and overstimulation cause brain fog and nervous system overload. This will cleanse, recalibrate, rewire, harmonize.