Get Ready for the NEXT LEVEL of your Physical and Ascension Transformation

Introduction from Judy Satori
Regeneration Alchemy

The energy alchemy transmissions of this advanced body of work utilise an energy called ‚ÄėUltralight‚Äô that creates immediate, permanent transformation.

During the FIVE week Regeneration Alchemy series you should expect enhanced vitality, improved cellular metabolism, and anti-aging benefits. 

  • Week¬†One:¬†Judy shares information and energy transmissions to align you with grounded integrity.
  • Week Two:¬†You will be supported with courage and conviction to stand in your authentic truth.
  • Week Three:¬†Work with Intention and guided focus¬†to come¬†HOME¬†to your sacred SOUL calling.
  • Week Four:¬†A catalyst of LOVE. A time of heart opening and anchoring your divine human potential.
  • Week Five:¬†Unlock your Creativity and write a NEW story to expand your life and manifest your dreams.
  • Bonus Live Mentoring:¬†Join Judy and our Ascension Community for 3 x live events to explore the program deeper.

Experience Transformation with ULTRALIGHT Energy Frequencies

Judy Satori's new Physical Regeneration Energy Alchemy program is an easy to use five step program that will activate the energy memory of the perfected pattern of the physical body, but then move beyond this newfound balance to PHYSICAL REGENERATION.

'Alchemy' means a total change of state. The energy alchemy transmissions of this advanced physical regeneration program utilize an energy called 'Ultralight' that creates immediate, permanent transformation. Every time you listen to the five audio recordings of Physical Regeneration Alchemy, the energy effects will go deeper, as the energy is entrained into the physical body.

The Next Level of Physical Regeneration Information and Energy Transmissions

As Judy explains it, Every Ascension support and transformation program that I have created in my 25 years of working with Spirit has been divinely instigated. This new body of work, premiered exclusively on You Wealth Revolution, is the next level in a suite of physical regeneration information and energy transmissions that I am now being guided to bring forth.

It is right for the times we are living in. Strength and resilience of the physical body is so important if we are to hold the light of the Ascension energy frequencies streaming to Earth for our human advancement.

Our physical bodies must become strong and revitalized, to recalibrate to and integrate this faster pulsating energy, if we are to go beyond who we know ourselves to be and evolve as a human species. This is after all what Ascension is all about. We are not going up or going anywhere. We are expanding into greater human capacity and this must occur if we are to create a new global society of peace and plenty for all.

Radiate an Inner and Outer Radiance of Body and Mind

The personal outcomes that you can expect if you use this program at least once weekly over several months are enhanced vitality, improved cellular function and metabolism and anti-aging benefits. You should feel and appear visibly younger.

In addition, you will come to radiate more light.

Human beings emit bio-photons, light, from the body and this program will cause you to radiate an inner and outer radiance of body and mind that will be increasingly appealing and charismatic to others.

Life in the body will flow more easily for you as you entrain to the energy to increasingly BE at this vibration.

Judy's Message to You:

READ ON and discover how these powerful energies can transform your life!

Tchaikovsky's Swan Lake is a timeless love story. The ballet features Prince Siegfried and the Swan Princess Odette. Under the spell of a sorcerer, Odette spends her days as a swan swimming on a lake of tears and her days in her beautiful human form.

I chose Swan Lake as the theme for the Physical Regeneration Alchemy series, as it represents how love can overcome obstacles and break the 'spell' of illusion that keeps us trapped in limiting beliefs about the true nature of life in the body, and what we are really capable of as human beings.

‚ÄúWow - I was not expecting this to be so thorough.¬† With the strong energies moving through right now, I feel so much more grounded after listening to this!‚ÄĚ


"I always feel much more balanced, relaxed and uplifted after listening to this energy transmission.  One of my favourites in the Ascension Library!" (Re Tuning the Physical Instrument.)


Regeneration Alchemy can be accessed with your library membership or as a one-time purchase

Regeneration Alchemy is an easy-to-use five-step program that activates the energy memory of the perfected pattern of the physical body.

  • Access the¬†Regeneration Alchemy¬†series in the self-guided Ascension Library portal available on-demand on mobile or computer.

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"What a wonderful introduction for anyone who wants to have some understanding of why we are here, what life is all about and how to make the best of it‚Ķ I already feel huge relief with floods of joy around me.‚ÄĚ


"All my life I've longed to be more connected to my Soul Group Family. I now know that I am part of the Ancient of Days and I am here to hold Light & Space and bring Joy wherever I go.‚ÄĚ


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