Weight Loss for Body and Mind

Let go of emotional baggage that is sabotaging your life with this seven-week, energy activation program, WEIGHT LOSS for Body and Mind.

The program works to realign foundational aspects of the body’s energy anatomy before clearing the distorted energy patterns created by past life experiences, thoughts, beliefs, or the projected energy of others to do with holding on to emotional or physical "weight". There is also a realignment of soul purpose and a balancing of the endocrine glands and the body's appestat mechanisms. 

Here are some of the benefits you may receive by listening to the program:

  • Realign the body's energy fields for more energy & less fatigue.
  • Clear patterns of self-sabotage related to weight loss and eating habits.
  • Release sadness and flow with life.
  • Re-connect to soul purpose and direction.
  • Balance the endocrine system and reset the body's appestat.
  • Release physical or emotional heaviness that weighs you down. 

Each week brings new biochemical insights, channeled information, and light language energy transmissions:

  • Week One: Judy brings energy to strengthen your own roots down into the earth. These transmissions will make sure that your alignment with the Earth's energy remains in sync.
  • Week Two: Energy to strengthen and balance your throat, third eye, solar plexus, and sacral chakras. Each energy transmission comes with an explanation from Judy about the individual chakra and how any blockage within it will be affecting us.
  • Week Three: Energy to unjam the built-up rigidity in our morphogenetic fields, which can cause us to hold onto weight in the physical body. She then switches focus to freeing up the axiatonal lines, feeder lines of light that bring energy into the body through the acupuncture points.
  • Week Four: Work with clearing the projected thoughts of others, working with weight gain caused by past life trauma, and food cravings as a result of past life starvation.
  • Week Five: Judy introduces you to the eight-count breathing technique "The Breath of Life" to release past life trauma and assist heart chakra recalibration.
  • Week Six: Energy to clear blockages around your soul purpose. These transmissions are designed to align you with your reason for being on planet Earth at this time and with what your soul has come here to do.
  • Week Seven: Judy brings through energy transmissions that will work to reset and remind the different endocrine glands in your body about how they used to function. The endocrine glands are glands such as the thyroid, which regulates your body's metabolism.

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