Regeneration Alchemy

About the Program:

Regeneration Alchemy is an easy-to-use five-step program that will activate the energy memory of the perfected pattern of the physical body, but then move beyond this newfound balance to begin regenerating.

The Ultralight energy transmissions of Physical Regeneration Alchemy create an immediate and permanent alchemical effect, creating transformation at the level of the cells and the DNA template.  The program is simple to use. You will be instructed how to connect to the quantum field from the heart/mind and then you only need to LISTEN.

The energy benefits accrue with time and become entrained and strengthened by ongoing exposure to the energy words embedded in the recordings. Exposure to these energy words of new creation is safe for all people over the age of 16, in all states of physical health. It can only have a positive effect on body and mind when used as instructed, as the program is divinely designed and transmitted.

 "Alchemy" means a total change of state. The energy alchemy transmissions of this advanced body of work utilise an energy called ‘Ultralight’ that creates immediate, permanent transformation. However, every time you listen the energy effects go deeper, as the energy is entrained into the physical body.

Over time and with continued use of this program you can expect enhanced vitality, improved cellular metabolism, and anti-aging benefits.  You should feel and appear visibly younger." 

Judy Satori 

In addition, you will come to radiate more light.  Human beings emit bio-photons, light, from the body and this program will cause you to radiate an inner and outer radiance of body and mind that will be increasingly appealing and charismatic to others. Life in the body will flow more easily for you as you entrain to the energy to increasingly BE at this vibration. 

It is right for the times. Strength and resilience of the physical body is so important if we are to hold the Ascension energy streaming to Earth for our human advancement.  Our physical bodies must become strong and revitalised, to recalibrate to and integrate this faster pulsating energy, if we are to go beyond who we know ourselves to be and evolve as a human species.  This is after all what Ascension is all about. We are expanding into greater human capacity and this must occur if we are to create a new global society of peace and plenty for all.


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What People Are Saying:

I have had so many 'wow' moments since following this program. The latest being a trip to the Opticians yesterday. I've been trialling a new contact lens because my previous ones were no longer giving me the vision I'd been used to. I have a astigmatism in my left eye and I'm short sighted in my right eye, so my prescription has always been complex, therefore my choice of lens has been limited over the years. I was told yesterday, not only has the new lens corrected my astigmatism, they have also given me 20/20 vision, something I have never achieved before. I can't wait for what transpires next.

Lavern B.

I have bought many programmes, but this energy is the strongest I have ever felt. I had flu like symptoms the first week but thought it was because I had to have a flu injection to be able to see my sister in her Nursing Home. I have had fatigue and aches and pains from time to time but assumed it was a flare up of Fibromyalgia which I've had since 1995. I am feeling much lighter and really grateful that this may be the answer to my prayers.

Kathryn J.

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