42 short energy transmissions from Source-Creation designed to support, advance and transform us as human beings as we move through an Ascension change process.

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The energy streaming to the planet during 2022 to 2033 sparks the next phase of our human Ascension upgrade process.

During these transformative years, we will alter physically to become stronger, healthier and visibly more refined in appearance.  For many people, much of the karmic toxicity that we have held on a physical cellular level and in our energy fields has been released. 


The Energy Keys of Ascension will address EVERYTHING that is required for you to walk your path of ASCENSION with greater ease and grace, so that you gain maximum benefit from the energies streaming to Earth.

Set one of the Energy Keys for Ascension is about "Energy Preparation".  This set of energy keys is designed to begin your connection to the 22 galaxies- a more expanded Creation Energy Matrix.  A new key will be emailed to you each day for 21-days; each key lays a powerful foundation to prepare you for ongoing Ascension advancement.  

Set two of the Energy Keys of Ascension is about "Energy Advancement".  These keys contain powerful "Ultralight" energy transmissions designed to strengthen and regenerate the physical body and further the advancement of our human capacity.  Set Two includes keys to strengthen your connection with Source to activate and expand your soul and human potential. 



Here is some feedback from Ascension Library Members who have used the Energy Keys for Ascension.

"I start my day with the Energy Keys. I get something different each time I listen. They are marvellous! I would recommend signing up for the highest level of the library. Once you start, you always want to explore further."

- Cheryl J.

"This is the 3rd time listening to the Energy Keys for Ascension program and I feel very relaxed, balanced with love streaming from the top of my head through my whole body. It's definitely impacting me in the most exquisite way."

- Alice T.

"BOOM!πŸ€œπŸΌπŸ’¨πŸ’¨πŸ’¨πŸ’¨πŸ’¨πŸ’¨ I believe working through the Energy Keys  for Ascension has gently changed the cellular structure/DNA/RNA, energy in my being and subsequently altered circumstances in my life."

 - Jane F.

There are two options to unlock your access to the "Energy Keys for Ascension" Program

Option 1 / Product Purchase

Listen to both sets of Energy Keys for Ascension by logging into your Ascension Portal.  You will also have the option to download both sets of Keys to sync to your own device, or CD.

EXPLORE THE ASCENSION LIBRARY.  Access the EXPLORE section of the library with meditations, and energy transmissions that feature in some of Judy Satori's  other masterclasses.

PURCHASE | USD $147 | One-Time Payment

Option 2 / Library Membership

As a member of the Ascension Library you will receive both sets of the Energy Keys for Ascension, PLUS live-streamed Ascension and You teaching sessions with Judy Satori. These programs have new and advanced information and energy transmissions and reflect the leading edge of Judy's work with Spirit.

When you activate your Ascension Library membership you receive instant access to curated Ascension pathways, live mentoring events, regenesis podcasts and masterclass programs featuring over 500 energy transmissions.  You will also be able to access ALL ASCENSION LIBRARY PROGRAMS and dozens of shorter audio recordings 24/7 as desired and as you need the energy. 

Library programs include Ascension tools, teachings and masterclasses including: The Codes of Light, BEAUTIFUL, Search for the Golden Tara, BECOMING GOD~GODDESS, The Secrets of the Bosnian Pyramid and MANY MORE.

Membership starts at just $33/Month and includes unlimited "listen on-demand" access through our Mobile Responsive Ascension Portal or Mobile app.


Anabell from Germany listened to the Energy Keys for Ascension every day. 

This is her story...

"The more I listened the deeper I went into the energy and the changes increased as time went on. I created a plan of listening for myself to the Energy Keys and other recordings from the Ascension Library.  After a while I honestly felt like I was shape shifting and expanding into a new multi-dimensional self more connected to other galaxies and to this place that Judy calls Beyond the Beyond.
The appearance of my body and face has also changed over the year. I presume that I am embodying more of my soul energy in the physical. I now feel a sense of timelessness. The 'big picture' of life itself is clear to me and I feel more whole and integrated in my body, mind and soul. 
I have a lot going on in my life, as do most people right now, and I found after my months of listening that whatever I had to deal with was easier.  I shifted in my perceptions and way of looking at things and I flow with whatever happens better.  I have two children and they too are changing and looking at life differently, just by being in my space. 
Listening to the Energy Keys of Ascension regularly has without doubt contributed immensely to the state of happiness that I now enjoy and I have also experienced moments of absolute bliss."   

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