The Recoding and Regenesis of Your DNA and a New Level of Energy and Transformation Is About to Begin!

The 21 Energy Keys will last you all year long.

The Keys address EVERYTHING that is required for you to walk your path of ASCENSION in the year ahead with greater ease and grace and gain maximum benefit from the energies streaming to Earth.


Each of the keys takes only a few minutes ...

Listen to ONE track in sequence every day for 21 days and then repeat all year.
You can also focus daily on any other track that appeals to you to reinforce its benefits.

I invite you to listen to this FREE audio ...

KEY 18 | Soul Knowledge Activation

This transmission will connect you to the creation energy of Earth’s inner pulse rhythms within the inner Earth Kingdom of Agartha.

Anabell from Germany listened to the 21 Keys every day in 2019 

This is her story...

Every day in 2019 I listened to one track from the 21 Energy Keys in the order presented and then began again every 21 days.  The more I listened the deeper I went into the energy and the changes increased as time went on .  In the beginning I just followed my intuition that this was good for me.  I try to listen to my inner voice.  I created a plan of listening for myself to the 21 Keys and other recordings from the Ascension Library. I  listen every day.  After a while I honestly felt like I was shape shifting and expanding into a new multi-dimensional self more connected to other galaxies and to this place that Judy calls Beyond the Beyond. The appearance of my body and face has also changed over the year. I presume that I am embodying more of my soul energy in the physical. 
I now feel a sense of timelessness. The "big picture" of life itself is clear to me and I feel more whole and integrated in my body, mind and soul.  I was and am very committed as I want to create major changes in myself and  in my life and I want to access my true soul strength and abilities.  I have a lot going on in my life, as do most people right now, and I found after my months of listening that whatever I had to deal with was easier.  I shifted in my perceptions and way of looking at things and I flow with whatever happens better.  I have two children and they too are changing and looking at life differently, just by being in my space.  Listening to the 21 Keys regularly has without doubt contributed immensely to the state of happiness that I now enjoy and I have also experienced moments of absolute bliss.
I am excited to move forward now with the 21 Keys for 2020.  
Munich, Germany.

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