A LIVE six-week process of channeled information and energy transmissions  for physical and consciousness transformation.

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BREAKING THROUGH … a spiritually guided six-week process of transformation, to  prepare you physically and emotionally to write a new chapter of your life's story and adapt with strength and resilience.


Ep1: Self-Revelation

Who are you REALLY? Remember your authentic soul and human truth in step one of a six part BREAKING THROUGH series.

Ep2: Seeding Change

Transform into a stronger, resilient human being, so we can begin to co-create together with greater insight and inspiration.

Ep3: Enlightenment

Powerful energy transmissions to uplift and expand consciousness to allow you to move through the alchemy of transformation. 

Ep4: Alchemy

A process of recalibration and inner change. A time to be still and to BE ... to trust the process and take heart.  Open your heart and rejoice.

Ep5: Metamorphosis

Explore what might be possible for you in your new expanded world. Be energetically empowered to step forward on a path of purpose and DO IT! 

Ep6: Expanded Vision

Inspiration, excitement and passion for new possibilities of creation. Create not from force of will, but the grace of just BEING AS YOU ARE.

BREAKING THROUGH: Activate your visionary capacity and more of your true, innate human DNA potential.

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Twenty years ago when I first began my work with Spirit I held weekly classes in Auckland with Karmic Clearing energy transmissions called BREAKING FREE.  

Now we are moving to BREAKING-THROUGH a process of reset and energy alchemy to prepare you physically and emotionally to write a new expanded script for your life and support you through this time of global change.