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Regeneration Secrets

Regeneration Secrets is designed by Spirit to rebalance the physical body. It will take you beyond healing to a more vital and energized expression of your physical self. The program will help you to feel younger longer and is a foundation program for a joyful, happy life.

The program is kept deliberately simple to make it easy to use and to incorporate into a busy schedule. There are five parts to the program, five audio recordings that are listened to over five consecutive days and then repeated weekly. Additional information for understanding the process is also included, as are PDF pages that can be printed with life style and dietary recommendations.

All the information and energy activations in the program have been received from Spirit and encapsulate Judy’s work with the fundamental aspects of physical regeneration during 2017. In 2018 Judy’s work on this topic will expand.

Introduction: A recorded explanation of the program, its benefits and life style recommendations. Instructions for use are included in this section.

#1 Meditate: A guided meditation and energy transmission, which uses the colors of platinum and silver…platinum for its very high vibration to purge and clear and silver for its regenerative, healing frequencies. Bathe in energies that will help you to clear limitation and sabotaging influences, restore the energy purity of your divine blue print and instill vibrations of beauty, strength and love. (19 minutes)

#2 Recalibrate: To recalibrate means to return to harmony and balance, to heal and restore, so that we might then regenerate. This recording covers various organs and systems of the body, beginning with the morphogenetic fields, the substrate patterns of sound and light, the energy light grids upon which our physical body is created. Chronic dis-ease can occur because the morphogenetic fields are compromised by energy distortion. (20 minutes)

#3 Activate: The spiritual process of activation of life force in the body requires the application of a new type of energy on the body. This energy comes from “beyond the beyond”, a more expanded and powerful energy of God’s creation. In this process we work with the mitochondria in the cells to spark amplified energy production, the telomeres of the DNA and the endocrine glands pineal, pituitary and thyroid. (25 minutes)

#4 Accelerate: To accelerate is to expand what has been activated like the ripple effect of throwing a stone into a lake. This energy merges your soul’s physical aspect with your body’s physical aspect to ensure that the strength of the soul is better connected with the physical body.

#5 Nourish: This process includes energy transmissions to nourish the new life force that has been generated in the body to allow it to continue to flourish. These energy frequencies will add life to your years and years to your life! The activations work at the level of the DNA template to switch on new patterns of DNA expression and expanded life force. (20 minutes)