Karmic Clearing: Clear Self Sabotaging Thoughts & Emotions

This Karmic Clearing pathway contains eight categories with hundreds of short, light-language energy recordings, designed by Spirit to clear and neutralise the energy triggers of the uncomfortable emotions that may affect your emotional balance, happiness and inner peace.


What you'll get:

  • CLEAR ABUSE, ANXIETY AND ABANDONMENT: Energy transmissions to assist with issues surrounding rational and irrational emotions related to abuse of self, abuse from others, different types of anxiety and fears of abandonment.  
  • CLEAR AGE-RELATED ISSUES: A selection of tracks to assist with age-related issues such as arthritis, collagen, and fear of dying that can be connected to conditioned energy responses, created in this, or past lives.
  • CLEAR DAMAGING THOUGHT OR BEHAVIOR: Energy transmissions to assist with various damaging thoughts & behaviour resulting from trauma, betrayal, anger, pain, anxiety, fear & worry.  
  • CLEAR ENERGY FIELD MISALIGNMENT OR SENSITIVITY: When we are emotionally triggered with life experiences, discordant energies of past life thought and patterning begins to “play” the same old tune!  With “off pitch” vibrations.
  • CLEAR FAMILY AND LIFESTYLE ISSUES: A collection of Karmic Clearing tracks that support issues relevant to children, birthing and family support systems.
  • CLEAR THE PHYSICAL BODY: Clear unconscious past life thoughts and the sabotaging energy of others and create an Energy Matrix to support new creation and a NEW YOU.]


This Karmic Clearing pathway contains eight categories with hundreds of recordings:
Choose a category that relates to issues that are relevant and pressing to you and work ONLY within that category. [See an overview of each category below]. It is important you DO NOT listen to different karmic clearing categories at the same time as this will disrupt the energy and nullify the effects.

LISTENING WITH OTHER PROGRAMS: Because of the nature of the Karmic energies, The Karmic Clearing program SHOULD NOT be used alongside other programs in the Ascension Library. With the exceptions of:

  • 21 Energy Keys for Ascension;
  • Audio in the Foundational Tools pathway;
  • Audio in the Judy Satori Live pathway.]

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