Breaking Through - Reset for a NEW Beginning

This 6-week series will prepare you physically and emotionally to write a new chapter of your life's story.  With more than four hours of recordings, transformative energy transmissions, and teachings from Judy.

"You will be guided to adapt with strength and resilience to clear the way for RESET and a NEW BEGINNING."

This series was recorded during the Covid-19 pandemic, however, Breaking Through can be used by anyone at any time.  It is a catalyst to bring big shifts in your expansion of consciousness and to bring creativity and new inspiration into your life.

Each week brings something new:

  • Week One | Self Revelation

    Remember your authentic soul and human truth and BREAKTHROUGH to a new, expanded way of feeling, living, and igniting passion and creativity.

  • Week Two | Seeding Change

    Transform into a stronger, resilient human being, so we can begin to co-create together with greater insight and inspiration.

  • Week Three | Enlightenment

    Powerful energy transmissions to uplift and expand consciousness to allow you to move through the alchemy of transformation.

  • Week Four | Soul Alchemy

    A process of recalibration and inner change. A time to be still and to BE ... to trust the process and take heart. Open your heart and rejoice.

  • Week Five | Metamorphosis

    Explore what might be possible in your new expanded world. Be energetically empowered to step forward on your path and DO IT!

  • Week Six | Expanded Vision

    Inspiration, excitement, and passion for new possibilities of creation. Create not from force of will, but the grace of just BEING AS YOU ARE.

  • Epilogue | Beyond Breaking Through

    Watch a special webinar where our Ascension Community connects to ask questions and share what has happened to us in the past few weeks.


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