Energy Keys for Ascension

The Energy Keys for Ascension are two sets of 21 short energy transmissions designed by Spirit to address the Ascension changes that everyone on the planet is experiencing. The audio transmissions will uplift and support you to open into your infinite Human Soul Potential.

They are all about strengthening and regenerating the physical body and the advancement of our human capacity. They will address EVERYTHING that is required for you to walk your path of ASCENSION in the year ahead with greater ease and grace, so that you gain maximum benefit from the energies streaming to Earth.

Listen to one track per day and just keep going.  That's it!

  • Switch on more of your human DNA potential
  • Regenerate your physical body - retard the aging process
  • Be supported to know and fulfil your soul purpose 
  • Advance your human self so that you can access the new creation energy matrix
  • Expand your consciousness to connect with your multi-dimensionality and galactic heritage.

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