Healing the Pain

This 14-day program of energy healing and clearing will help you release the pain of being dominated, abused, and oppressed by others in this or previous lifetimes. 

The abuse may have been physical, verbal, or sexual. The outcome is the same - bouts of anxiety, depression, crippling insecurity, or a lack of confidence in yourself and what you are here to do. 

The patterns may be so old and buried so deeply in your consciousness that you may be unaware that you have ever been abused or controlled. The tell-tale signs are in how you feel around others when they disagree with you, or when others have expectations that you cannot meet. Some people have a definite history of being abused in this life, but this works with clearing all patterns from all lifetimes. 

Your purchase includes lifetime access to the 10 Energy Activations in the series, and a special meditation called "Becoming the Lotus" to help you to rise up, stand tall, and activate your soul's truth and soul's greatest potential in this lifetime.

This meditation can also be listened to after you complete the program any time you need a boost in confidence and inner power. 

  • Day One | Clearing the chakras of imbalance and distortion ;
  • Day Two | Clearing patterns of domination and control;
  • Day Three | Clearing patterns of coercion against one's will;
  • Day Four | Clearing patterns of victimization and oppression;
  • Day Five | Clearing being singled out and isolated from others;
  • Day Six | Clearing guilt and shame projected by others;
  • Day Seven | Clearing the throat chakra of not being able to speak out;
  • Day Eight | Clearing patterns of not being heard or validated by others;
  • Day Nine | Clearing patterns of having to live a lie;
  • Day Ten | Clearing patterns of fear and of being blackmailed.

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USD $55 | One-time Payment

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