The Codes of Light (1-24)

Explore the myths of our current human reality and our current life on Earth and turn the key in the lock of a door leading to a New Way for us as human beings. Together, at this time of global distress, we will be divinely empowered to recreate our world from a foundation of PEACE, LOVE and CO-CREATION ... with a very much greater and enhanced capacity to step up and DO IT!

The Codes of Light Masterclass includes three 60 minute chapters of our New Human Ascension story ...

  • Prologue | Our Alpha to Omega Story + Program Overview .pdf
  • Chapter One | Resurrection and Restoration
  • Chapter Two | Myths of Our Human Story
  • Chapter Three | DNA Activation and Upgrade

... each chapter ALSO includes ...

  • A supportive global community discussion session recorded during the Mana event;
  • 8 powerful Ultralight Codes to anchor a template for your New Human light body (24 total in the series);
  • Four 60 minute teaching sessions with St Germain, The Arcturians, and international sacred geometry expert Jonathan Quintin;
  • Online access through our Ascension Library portal or App;

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What People Are Saying:

The power from this transmission is so strong and very deep. I really felt the old me dropping away and have total belief that I am NEW and it will be such a different life after these 90 days. | "Your Alpha to Omega Story"

Elizabeth G.

An amazing loving experience. It felt like a “coming home”, putting things In Perspective. | "Chapter One | Discussion Session"

Leola M.

There was so much guidance in this teaching, everything I need to know and understand, and I will come back to it again and again. Thank you, my deepest gratitude. | "Finding Your Way with St Germain"

Sue G.

This has been amazing! From intense vibrations, heat waves, real coldness, to deep sadness when listening the one from the inner core of earth, some great teachings and many learnings, alot of love and beauty was shared. | "Chapter Three | Codes of Light 17-24"

I could still feel the energies being transmitted through my eyes for about an hour after listening to the audio. I am so grateful to have had the opportunity to be a part of this amazing weekend and journey. | "Advanced Healing with the Arcturians"


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