Clearing and Healing the Throat Chakra

This program focuses on clearing the fifth chakra of blocked karmic miasmic energy, which is the energy residue of traumatic past or present life thoughts and beliefs. These blockages can affect us physically and emotionally. Many people have issues with the functioning of the throat chakra as it is associated with speaking one’s truth, communicating and feeling valued, and with trust and betrayal issues from both this life and previous lifetimes.

This program contains 52-minutes of information and energy transmission recording as well as each of the eight clearing and healing transmissions on separate tracks. This is for easy listening and repetition, as you can then focus on specific issues that come up for you and repeat selected transmissions.  

Judy will work with you to focus healing energy on these eight aspects of the Throat Chakra:  

  • Track One: Clearing physical past life trauma – clearing of the morphogenetic field.
  • Track Two: Clearing the roots and facets of the chakra.
  • Track Three: Balancing your personal will with divine will.
  • Track Four: Clearing invalidation by others.
  • Track Five: Clearing shame, isolation, and being shunned by others.
  • Track Six: Clearing sadness and disappointment at not being seen or heard.
  • Track Seven: Moving on from here – creating a healthy chakra – speaking your truth.
  • Track Eight: Creating a strong, healthy throat chakra.

The throat chakra is also our physical connection to divine will and the over-lighting guidance of our higher soul-self. Chakras are whirling vortices of energy that are responsible for the distribution of the life force energy coming from the universal energy field as it comes into the body through the central vertical power current or Sushumna channel.

The Sushumna channel is the primary energy feeder line for our physical energy anatomy. The discordant energy of thought and belief can block the chakras and stop them from effectively functioning as energy distribution mechanisms that are designed to energize the organs and systems of the body.

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What People Are Saying:

"I have had a skin rash across my throat for the past 2 months. After listening to all these tracks it has now started to clear. This has had a very powerful affect on me. I am so grateful to you Judy and Spirit for all these wonderful recordings."

Denise | Clearing and Healing the Throat Chakra

Every track felt 'custom made' in that it resonated so deeply and felt like I had been waiting to hear it all my life...probably lives. Emotion welled up easily and abruptly on several tracks and I know there will be such a release and transformation as I work back through The final track 8 is incredible 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

Lisa H. | Clearing and Healing the Throat Charka

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