The transmissions of the Energy Alchemy series help to delete deep-seated patterns that disempowerment that may present as stumbling blocks to moving forward AFTER, or DURING the BREAKING THROUGH process.

This set of 18 studio-recorded ultralight energy transmissions focuses on expanding you into greater empowerment, expanding your capacity as creators and anchor a deeper level of clearing. 

Each short recording focuses on a specific pattern of emotion... Clearing: Feeling Inadequate | Rebalancing: Task Incompletion | Rebalancing: Task Distraction | Clearing: Punishing Self | Rebalancing: Self Denial | Clearing: Being Indecisive | Clearing: Getting it Right | Clearing: Shame and Unworthiness | Clearing: Fear of Disapproval |Clearing: Self-Recrimination | Clearing: Feeling Forgetful | Clearing: Abundance Issues | Clearing: Performance Anxiety | Clearing: Chronic Lateness

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What People Are Saying:

WOW! strong energies ~ head is vibrating! and this SO resonating for me, in fact, most of my life!

Brenda L.

Wow, this program is exactly what I needed now too! Very grateful!

VĂ©ronique M.

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Now is the time to reclaim your own truth, activate physical and emotional ease, and find true well-being in life. 

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