Regeneration Pathway

Over the course of many, many lifetimes we have all been affected by energies that have tarnished the purity of our soul’s true expression as it comes into our physical self.

This discordant energy can actually affect us physically, as the soul DNA that we bring in from the soul impacts us together with the physical human DNA that we inherit from our ancestral lineage line.

The Regeneration Pathway is designed to guide you on a journey of understanding, clearing and connection. Recoding your cellular DNA and physical body so it can exist in and hold the faster vibrating frequencies that are now flooding onto the planet.

In total there are three levels each with three parts that build on each other and this level one section includes the free short-course Regeneration Secrets to provide a period of reset and recalibration before embarking on this evolutive process.

What you'll get:


  • LEVEL 1.1 | REDEMPTION: Redemption reconnects you to the true essence and energy of your soul so that you might go beyond this confining energy template and be upgraded, and is the next step after the Regeneration Secrets.  

  • LEVEL 1.2 | RESYNTHESIS: This is the next step after Redemption on the Regeneration Pathway to spark the evolutive process in your physical body. ** unlocked once you complete the final post in the 'Redemption' process.

  • LEVEL 1.3 | RESURRECTION: RESURRECTION is part three of Level One on the Regeneration Pathway.  This information and energy was recorded live at a four-day retreat at Mana in Coromandel, New Zealand.  

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