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At this time of global RESET, what is occurring 'out there' in our world is mirrored inside of each one of us.  We are being RECALIBRATED to evolve through an unprecedented period of divinely planned human DNA upgrade.  

The Codes of Light masterclass was recorded live at ASCENSION 2020; Judy Satori's three day global event at Mana Retreat Centre in Aotearoa, New Zealand. The series begins with the 68-minute orientation session, ‘Our Alpha to Omega Story’.  This prologue is free to watch by clicking 'play' on the video below.


We are at an Omega point, preparing for a completely new Alpha to Omega soul cycle to begin.
It is as if the ripple effect of who we are as timeless, eternal beings is spreading out in a wider arc.

Below is a bonus meditation to help you recalibrate and understand this process of Ascension transformation.


The Codes of Light masterclass features 9-hours of video delivered a three chapters ... each contains an insight into our NEW Human story and features 24 Light Coded energy transmission to activate a new and expanded cellular template for your physical body in this life time.

Chapter One:
Resurrection & Restoration

In this two-hour session, we go back in time to free and remove coding script from the DNA that we have inherited from our ancient Earth ancestors and from our own ancestral lineage line. 

This ancient patterning, has locked us down in a limiting matrix of creation and has sabotaged the expression of who we REALLY are as human beings.

Chapter Two: Myths of our Human Story
Chapter Two:
Myths of our Human Story

Today we explore the myths of our current human reality on earth. Why have we been ‘locked down’ into a pale version of our true, authentic human self?  Who has done it to us and why? 

This is the day of Divine Release! As we turn the key in the lock, opening a door leading to a New Way for us as people, so that we might be happy and well. 

Chapter Three:
DNA Activation & Upgrade

The energy transmissions anchored by Judy Satori and St Germain in chapter three, will activate your ability to CREATE in multi-faceted ways and will switch on soul and past life abilities within you.

This new creation will relate to whatever YOUR particular purpose is on Earth in this lifetime anchoring an enhanced capacity to step up and DO IT!

The Codes of Light also includes four one-hour Teaching Sessions ...

Finding Your Way with St Germain

In the 18th century amongst the nobility of Europe the Comte de Saint Germain was known as the wonder-man.  It seemed that there was nothing he could not do.  Moreover, he never seemed to age, which perplexed everyone.

How did St Germain accomplish these feats?  What did he have to do?  How does he do it today as an Ascended Master, able to materialize and teleport his body at will?  How do WE keep pace with the many changes in our busy fast-moving world, yet still allow ourselves to take time to just BE?  How do we DO, take action…and yet be STILL? What IS taking action?  How do we create in a  new way... just by BEING, when we’re so conditioned into DOING? 


Taking Action with St Germain

In this teaching session St Germain will guide us forward into a new way of living our human lives.  We are ASCENDING while remaining in a physical human body on Earth.

What is your purpose in being? What have you come into this life to experience and accomplish? In this session St Germain will explain more about the bigger picture of the eternal life of the soul and just what life in human physical form on Earth is all about.

How can we combine and convert the bigger picture purpose of the soul into PASSION and JOY in our human existence? 

What actions can we take to create a life we LOVE and a life that brings us joy, while still aligning with purpose and walking the path of the soul?

Advanced Healing with The Arcturians

Arcturus is the brightest star in the constellation of Bootes and the fourth brightest star in the night sky. The Arcturians are ninth dimensional.  They join us to teach three techniques to calm the nervous system and support the changes occurring in the physical body as part of our ongoing Ascension process.  

They will also open you to a healing and balancing energy to be transmitted through the hands and eyes. This focussed, healing current from the Ultralight spectrum can be used to support physical balance and the wellbeing of yourself and others. 

Attune to Cosmos with Jonathan Quintin

New Zealander Jonathan Quintin is a cosmologist and gifted metaphysical artist.  He creates computer graphics on the big screen presenting leading edge mathematics and multi-galactic geometry.  His new set of Attune to Cosmos visual Codes of Light will connect you to the unity and diversity of infinite existence. His visual presentation is a majestic tapestry of universal cosmic patterns. 

Jonathan will explain about the Attune to Cosmos series of Light Codes that have been his life’s work while Judy verbally transmits light coded energy transmissions in sync with the visual presentation of Jonathan’s multi-coloured geometric Light Codes.  You will be taken through a process of re-emergence, to unite with the I Am presence of yourself and with Source. 

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