Mult-Galactic and Multi-Dimensional Advancement
A Special Masterclass Weekend Event with Judy Satori

ūü镬†¬†October 13-16, Sydney, Australia, and Streaming Worldwide ūüé•









Ascension 2023: Anchoring the Codes of Light 25-48 is a spiritually led process of advancement, focussing on the delivery of information, energy activation, and the conscious accessing of soul gifts, wisdom, and knowledge. 

"The years 2024-2033 are an Ascension cycle, an important time of upgrade and expansion of what it is to be a human being. Inner changes in energy vibration and consciousness, will come to reflect in the outer change in the living of our lives and what we wish to create from life." 

Judy Satori is a spiritual channel and vibrational sound healer. She works multi-dimensionally to speak and transmit energy words of New Creation from Source/God that are designed to activate human DNA potential to express. 


¬†‚¨áÔłŹ¬† Judy shares more in this¬†video below ‚¨áÔłŹ¬†


There will be nine sessions presented by Judy Satori at the Anchoring the Codes of Light event in Sydney ‚Äď a total of 12 hours of channelled information, energy transmissions, teaching, story and Q+A.¬†


All in-person and online event participants receive:

Personalized Portal:

Join Judy and our global community of light-workers for three days of multi-galactic teachings, energy transmissions, and community building from Sydney, Australia.

All passes provide lifetime access to recordings and edited energy codes though your own unique user portal.

Expansion Masterclasses:

Three sessions over the weekend will take you beyond what you know with channeled keynote presentation to support the understanding and energy integration.

All sessions are recorded and available LIVE or as a replay shortly after. 


Community Mentoring: 

Wherever you live on the planet you can experience this unique Ascension 2023 event with LIVE mentoring and support from Judy and our Ascension Ambassadors. 

These global Q+A sessions will allow everyone to receive the support they need during and after the weekend event.

Ascension 2023 will begin with a channelled multi-galactic keynote presentation, The Story of our Divine Human Creation, at 8 pm Sydney time on Friday 13 October.

This presentation sets the scene for what is coming and bridges the gap between the first 24 Codes of Light anchored at Judy's Ascension 2020 event and these next three chapters of what is an evolving story to come forth over this activating weekend in Sydney.

The first three chapters of the Codes of Light have already been written and are available for ALL event participants.

ūüé• Preview¬†Chapters One to Three¬†in¬†this short video ūüĎČ


Now, in 2023 we begin a new Alpha-to-Omega soul cycle, you are invited to register to receive a series of free gifts in the lead-up to the Sydney event.  Judy would like to share a 12/minute meditation to help you recalibrate during this time of transformation. 

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"A Code of Light, as defined by Spirit, is a sequence of energy, a sentence, or paragraph of energy, that defines and determines a specific outcome in body, mind, and soul.

The delivery from Judy is like an imprinting of a divinely light-coded set of instructions that includes light, energy, tonal resonance and vibration.

These powerful energy transmissions open time locks within DNA sequencing, so that a new, upgraded form of expression can be activated in your body, mind and soul.

A Code of Light is the imprinting of the Divine Word onto human form, to uplift and advance the human species, as has always been planned to occur at this time of Ascension upgrade."


ūüĆŹ¬†Whether in Sydney or¬†around the globe you can join us to experience the event live or savor it at your own pace ūüé•

Live-Streamed | Online Event Pass

Live access to the introductory event, three Codes of Light sessions, three bonus, teaching sessions, and three Q+A Mentoring sessions during the Ascension 2023 long weekend.

That's over 10 hours of NEW spiritual understanding and energy activation transmissions. Plus access replays and bonus recordings in your personal Ascension Library Portal. 

Online Event Pass | US$188

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Join Judy at the Sydney Retreat

The Sydney in-person event runs from 5 pm on Friday 13th October until 4 pm on Monday 16th October. 

Receive personal group mentoring and individual guidance from Judy and the team in a safe and supportive environment. Click here to learn more about the host venue, St Joseph’s Centre, in Baulkham Hills, Sydney.

In-Person Event Pass | AU$880* 
*Not including Meals or Accommodation

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Participant Feedback

Ascension 2020 | Anchoring the Codes of Light 1-24


 "That was such an Amazing experience! In Both Videos I felt such strong energy Flowing in and around Beautiful! I had Tears of Deep Gratitude at the final prayer song. 

These past years have indeed been an extremely challenging time for myself and I feel sure for Many Many brothers and sisters. Now I not only Know but Feel we are Starting a New Life A New Earth. Deep Blessings of Love and Light to All my Fellow Light-workers and To All Humanity. Thank-you Thank-you Thank-you!"

Ann Bulman on Chapter Two | Codes of Light 9-16 

Thank-you Judy, to the spiritual realm and all of our soul family. This has been amazing! From intense vibrations, heat waves, real coldness, to deep sadness when listening the one from the inner core of earth, some great teachings and many learnings, a lot of love and beauty was shared.

KATHLEEN on "Chapter Three | Codes of Light 17-24

The energy is increasingly powerful and yesterday, my chakras jumped alive into alignment once more, my throat cleared for the first time for over a year and my heart let go of a huge pain.

Today has magnified my feeling of well being and gratitude, with tears of recognition as Judy added to the story of Mu and losing our innocence. My heart feels on fire and I have had a heart imbalance for a few years, improving all the time with help from light language channelled by Judy.

You have given us so much, a true gift of O, gold, beyond price. Thank you, from my heart ūüôŹūüŹľ¬†

Pauline Wilde on Chapter Two | Codes of Light 9-16

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