Right now everyone on the planet is experiencing a cluster of realities ... anxiety, grief, isolation, fear, lack of freedom, acute illness ... but is there a BIG picture perspective that Spirit can offer at this time of change?



We will discuss BREAKING THROUGH, its implications and applications, and what is next for us all.  We will be inviting five people from our Global Community onto the show to ask your questions and give your feedback. 

Judy will be transmitting from a more expanded ULTRALIGHT energy spectrum wave band that is multi-galactic and is of SOURCE CREATION/GOD. 

This supportive energy will uplift and support you in the weeks ahead

* Discover how we are set to transform even more after BREAKING THROUGH energy alchemy series;

* People from our global community share their experiences of the energy to help us all understand the process of change;

* Spirit transmit a new, upgraded ULTRALIGHT frequency for NEW BEGINNING, clarity, passion and ease of creation.

* We learn more about the BREAKING THROUGH process and what it will mean for us going forward.

This live webinar is FREE to everyone who wishes to join from around the world.


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