"The Bigger Picture"

Right now everyone on the planet is experiencing a cluster of realities ... anxiety, grief, isolation, fear, lack of freedom, acute illness ... but is there a BIG picture perspective that Spirit can offer at this time of change?


Judy Satori will be discussing the 'bigger picture' of the current Covid-19 global pandemic from an expanded spiritual and Ascension perspective.

She will be transmitting from a more expanded ULTRALIGHT energy spectrum wave band that is multi-galactic and is of SOURCE CREATION/GOD.  This supportive energy will uplift and support you in the weeks ahead.  This live webinar is FREE to everyone who wishes to join from around the world.

On this call...

* Understand how the current moon in Aries is bringing with it a fresh new energy of upgrade and change and an added INNER stability and security.

* Energy transmissions from a more expanded ULTRALIGHT energy spectrum.

* New information from Spirit about the evolving 'BIGGER PICTURE' of our Ascension process.

* LIVE questions from the community.

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