Being in Love, loving ourselves and being loving is the greatest gift of life ...

God~Goddess is the ‘Ascension Capstone’ for the creation of the new fifth dimensional human. This energy will also help you BE and ATTRACT love.

We are energy beings and what we are, what vibration we are resonating with, is what will magnetize and attract back to us and our life.  When we operate from a balanced love vibration we attract balanced love back to us.

It is true to say that cultivating the vibration of love within us as individuals is the single most important thing that we can do to attract love to us in a relationship, friendship, and in the loving of our life. --- LISTEN to the introduction below.

Becoming God~Goddess will expand you further into Love than ever before: 

  • It will clear blocks to LOVE – helping you to anchor and activate your Divine feminine and masculine authentic soul self .. allowing you to attract LOVE. 
  • It will help people to love themselves and others in a much deeper and more compassionate way. 
  • It will assist those who wish to attract a partner into their life. 
  • The energies of God within this program will rapidly and significantly expand your capacity to experience and attract love.

In addition, this program will reconnect you to your authentic God Self and to that authentic love-filled part of your soul.  This is who you were at the beginning of your soul's incarnation into physical form.  That part of you that may have been subdued and diminished and trampled on by life experience. 

This program will open you into love from the inside out like a beautiful pink rosebud opening to become a rose. Don't be surprised if magic begins to happen ... it's your time now as a God creator and you can create all the love that you draw.

If we write the word LOVE and add an E we get the word EVOLVE.  The major way that we as human beings evolve on both a human and soul level is through the energy and power of LOVE.

"Until we Love ourselves fully, it is difficult to retreat to balanced love from another."    Judy Satori 

" Wow, this transmission was amazing, felt warm tingling on my feet, knees, stomach, hands, crown and heart. Loving the process of becoming a Goddess. Thank you Judy! ❤🦋👍"

Carmen W.

"I wasn't expecting much of a reaction when I listened to this transmission, but wow, wow, wow. I listened to the transmission early in the evening and didn't really feel much at the time. "

Lavern B.

"Profound. From empty space to dancing and moving to waves of light washing through to loving myself. Peace and joy. Sound of music and voice carried me. It’s like my cells changed. Deep gratitude."

Kay C.

There are two ways to access this program

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PLUS, many more Ascension Library products ... including the Path of the Soul Less Traveled, Search for The Golden Tara, True Colors, The European Activation Series, and the Secrets of the Bosnian Pyramids.

Library Membership | $33 / Month

"I just finished week 1, and somehow I have lost weight, and find it easier to follow my better eating habits...usually I start and then fall off the wagon so to speak. "

Aniz H.

"I am buzzing all over with this high Ultralight frequency. I’m blissful, in stillness that I can only describe as serenity from another world! I’m really noticing profound change within myself, how I feel and my body / face is glowing."

Judy B.

"Since started the Beautiful Program it seems that my mind and my heart are being expanded moment by moment. It is amazing."

Yvonne L.

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