Dear starseekers,

I am told by Spirit that June will be a powerful time of bringing in new information and broadening our horizons. We are being opened to expanded multidimensional and multi-galactic connection with other worlds and the beings from those worlds. 


June is a watershed month, washing away that which does not serve us in our lives and helping us to set a new course in life. You can expect accelerated energy changes and new insights into how you wish to live your life to manifest a new reality for yourself. 


Don’t be afraid to make decisions that will align you with BEAUTY, LOVE, JOY and LIGHT.  Your soul’s destiny plan is becoming increasingly important. TRUST your heart’s voice to guide you forward.


This past week I returned to New Zealand after two months of intensive travel. I was guided by Spirit to visit various power spots on the planet to, as they explained to me, be prepared! 


I traveled to Uluru in the outback of Australia, to Sydney for the Magic and Alchemy of the 22 Dragons event, to Egypt to co-create with a group of 21 other beautiful souls, and to Turkey to explore the ruins of Ephesus and spend time in meditation at the stone house in the hills where Mother Mary lived during her final years. 



Finally, I flew to New York where Juliet Herman and I were hosted by the Omega Institute from where I will present a three-day event, “Activating Human DNA Potential” 23-25 August. (👉Register here)



Where will your journey lead you next? I can't wait to keep walking this path of light with you all. Take care of yourselves.


With love and light,

Judy Satori

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