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Ascension energies are creating physical and consciousness change for every person on the planet and increasingly impacting the Earth on which we live. 

Ascension means RE-CREATION as a human species.

Ascension means expansion into more of our authentic soul truth.

The ongoing Ascension process is affecting every soul inhabiting a human body. We are all at different stages of awareness and soul evolution. Every person is responding differently in their own unique way to the powerful and catalytic energies streaming to Earth from deep space.  This Ascension energy is called Ultralight. Ultralight can’t be seen. It can only be felt and experienced, but its energy effects are transforming us on all levels of body, mind and spirit. Ultralight is defined by my spiritual teachers as a fifth energy species. It is actually a divine Ascension frequency, designed to take humanity and life on Earth through a process of metamorphosis.

My spiritual purpose is to transmit energy words of new creation from Source/God from the Ultralight spectrum. These energy transmissions are designed to activate human DNA expression to take us beyond what we know and who we know ourselves to be.

As we all know, the beginning of any transformation process is more challenging.  It is tough for the physical body to assimilate these powerful Ascension frequencies, because when LIGHT comes into the cells and energy pathways of the body it activates energy discordancy, sometimes known as ‘the karmic shadow’, to clear and release.  This has to happen before we can assimilate the more powerful energy frequencies that are coming designed to re-create us as human people.  

Our physical bodies are changing in form, as this is also part of the Ascension process. This temporarily puts extra stress on the body, triggering fatigue and stressing the immune system. This can continue for months as the body assimilates the energy and gradually adapts.

Physical symptoms in response to added Ascension related stress may include aches and pain, inflammation throughout the body, or in different parts of the body, (ulcers, boils, gum issues), digestive issues, fatigue, poor sleep, emotional outbursts and fragility, anxiety and depression, lack of focus, foggy thinking, feeling confused and lacking direction, eye issues, headaches etc. The list of physical ailments goes on, depending on the karmic trigger creating it and one’s overall physical strength and wellness. 

From Judy: Be patient with the process and kind to yourself and others.

It WILL get better! 


Recommended Supportive Actions

PLEASE NOTE: If you are experiencing a disease condition, or physical symptoms that last for more than 10 days, you should seek qualified medical advice and personal face to face support and diagnosis. Judy’s recommendations are based on her own experience and give insight into Ascension symptoms and their possible cause, with simple plant- based remedies. These suggestions are NOT offered as an alternative treatment for physical disease states.


Aches, Pain/Inflammation in the body

Ascension energies, combined with life in today’s world and environmental stress are challenging for the body to process. Aches and pain indicate inflammation in the body. Inflammation can be caused by environmental toxins, a diet that is too acidic, stress and worry, karmic energy release; chemical, parasitic, environmental, heavy metal, viral or bacterial toxins and sometimes the re-tracing of physical, karmic-related, past life trauma. What is meant by this is physical symptoms that have no actual physical cause.  An example is chest pain when clearing past life sadness or loss. 

Note: A PHYSICAL SUPPORT category has been added to Foundational Tools in the Ascension Library.  Here you will find audio support for nervous system overload, aches and pain and immune system support.  Other programs to support the physical body are ‘Tuning the Physical Instrument’ and the recordings in the Physical Regeneration pathway and the Ascension Support pathway for ‘Detox for the Body’ and ‘Healing and Clearing the Throat Chakra’.

Detoxify the body and work on lowering inflammation.  Keep life simple for yourself. Rest when tired.  Spend time in nature as much as possible and walk every day.

Take time out from digital devices and noise irritation. 

Liver: Fear and anger is held in the liver. To support the liver: Take a temporary break from fats and oils. Eat a plant-based diet,  Drink plenty of water with lemon juice and liquid chlorophyll and drink dandelion tea, or dandelion coffee. The herb milk thistle, which is high in silymarin supports liver detoxification and regeneration. Consult a medical herbalist if you are unwell.

Kidneys: the kidneys are related to the adrenal glands, the primitive ‘fight or flight' response, and often the release of karmic fear relating to physical survival issues. Eating parsley, berries and drinking more water helps. Explore the Karmic Clearing pathway in the Ascension Library.

Blood: The blood is the river of life and the river of our new life as the blood takes oxygen and nutrients to the cells of the body for metabolic function and Ascension regeneration. Drinking nettle tea cleanses the blood. Consider having a live blood analysis. Do you have pathogens in your blood? They could be making you tired and sapping your vitality. Oxygenate your blood and activate lymphatic drainage by walking fast for 30 – 60 minutes daily.

Digestive Issues: These may arise because we are metaphorically having to digest the energy affecting us. Digestive issues can also relate to karmic clearing, especially with respect to personal power and how we see ourselves in the world. We can also become allergic to some foods that we used to be able to eat. This is both because of Ascension energy and also because of heightened inflammation in the body and environmental factors and toxins. An 80% plant diet is best, but every person is unique as to what they can and cannot eat and you should always eat what feels right for your body. For stomach issues: Add slippery elm food to yoghurt or smoothies. (from a health food store)

For Bloating and Gas: Pau D’Arco tablets. (Pau D’Arco is a herb that you can get at a health food store. It is excellent for eliminating candida and pathogens from the gut). Bloating may also be caused by your body adapting to Ascension energies.

Take a Herbal intestinal cleanse for parasites. Take probiotics daily. Drink more water. Eat more plant-based foods. Delete wheat/gluten, processed foods, chemical additives, sugar and too much black tea and coffee. 


Easy Recipes for Healing and Regeneration using Super Foods from Nature

This is what works for me!   These are my three daily nutrient drinks, plus the foods that I eat often for their healing benefits. I find the books written by Anthony William very helpful, especially Medical Medium and Life-Changing Foods. Available on Amazon or UK Book Depository. I try to buy only organic fruits and vegetables at Famers Markets and they make up 80% of my diet.

 A simple, powerfully healing daily tonic

On rising, and on an empty stomach, blend ¾ cup of water, one lemon with the yellow skin cut off, but not the white pith, and cut into chunks, with two cloves of garlic and if you wish 1 tsp of apple cider vinegar and honey to taste.  Don’t eat for 30 minutes and then drink plenty of water.

Green Smoothie 1

A half-cup of water

A half-cup of organic apple juice – there are many nutrients in apple – pectin, fibre.

A dessert spoon of chlorella powder – removes heavy metals

A dessert spoon of spirulina – plant-based organic protein, plus chlorophyll to transport light to the cells. 

Green Smoothie 2

A whole lemon with the yellow rind cut off leaving the white skin

A cup of pure water

A bunch of cilantro – heavy metal detoxification – detoxifies the brain

1/4-1/2 cup organic apple juice

Some chopped cucumber – it purifies the skin

Berry/Protein Smoothie

A half-cup of unsweetened almond milk – amino acids/protein is vital for regeneration

A half-cup of water

Organic frozen raspberries, or wild blueberries – antioxidants, polyphenols

Plant-based protein powder – amino acids for physical regeneration

Any other collagen powder, red berry powder, chia seeds etc

I add Nootropic brainfood powder, (black currants, pine bark extract, L-Theanine)- Arepa, New Zealand made.

Nettle tea – blood cleanser

I make a large pot of strong nettle and oat straw tea, (high in silica), and drink it adding hot water during the day.

Tumeric kale – to reduce inflammation, aches and pains

Brown chopped onions and garlic if desired in a little rice bran oil with one tbsp organic turmeric powder and then add chopped kale with enough water to steam with the lid on the pan until cooked. Season to taste. Onions (nature’s antibiotic), garlic (antiviral, antibacterial, antifungal, anti-parasitic), turmeric (a phytochemical with anti-inflammatory properties), kale (anti-inflammatory and antiviral). 

Beet and Apple salad

Grate raw beetroot and apple. Add lemon juice, a splash of extra virgin olive oil, a handful of walnuts and/or low sugar cranberries and mix.

Raw beets (cleanse and heal liver), apple (anti-inflammatory, brain food, colon cleaner), lemon juice (cleanser, alkaliser, detoxifier, vit C), walnuts (protein and oil), cranberries (cleanse the urinary tract and many other health benefits).

 St Germain’s Oatmeal

Soak overnight ¼ - ½ cup uncooked organic oatmeal in water to barely cover. In the morning add one raw egg yolk (must be an organic high-quality egg), 1 tsp honey (I use manuka honey) mixed with the juice of one or two lemons. You can add grated apple, nuts, Greek yoghurt or coconut yoghurt. This is a recipe given to me by St Germain. You can delete the raw egg yolk if you wish and just add nuts and yoghurt for protein, but including the egg yolk was the actual recipe and I feel that all aspects of this mixture are required for harmonizing and regenerating the body.

Note: in his lifetime on Earth the Ascended Master St Germain was known as the wonder man of Europe as he never seemed to age. There is something interesting that occurs chemically in the body as a result of the combining of the four ingredients of this simple recipe. 


I add parsley to my meals by chopping it finely and adding it after cooking. Parsley is a superfood. It alkalizes ALL body systems. It helps to eradicate bacteria, parasites and fungus, gum disease and tooth decay.  It is very nutritious with B vitamins, B12, A, C and K and provides many essential minerals.  Eat parsley every day. Grow it in a pot. 


There is an old saying, “An apple a day keeps the doctor away”. Organic apples fight inflammation in the body. Their phytonutrients also make them an excellent brain food and they are a wonderful colon cleanser as well as being very hydrating on a deep cellular level.  


Judy Satori - July 2021

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