A Message from Spirit:


You are loved, you are blessed and so it is...

 As you have been like a plant clinging to life in the rocky clay of Earth’s new vibration, now it is time to push your roots deep down into more fertile soil; to grow vigorous and strong with expanded awareness and understanding of what is the WAY of TRUTH.

From Earth’s heart, that place of creation within Amenti, within the inner Earth, streams a new energy vitality that is beyond what you have known.

Much change lies ahead. 

To BE is both the challenge and the gift, to SEE beyond the veil of what is illusionary and to KNOW YOURSELF more deeply as SOUL."

From Judy:

The 13 years from 2020-2033 are a powerful, major Ascension cycle. What this means is that more of our true human capacity and human genetic soul and lineage line DNA potential will switch on and express, as triggered by the energies streaming to Earth from deep space. This process of activation of human potential marks a divinely planned time of evolutionary upgrade for Earth and her people. 


 ‘We are being catapulted out of who we thought we were into being remade anew.
We can’t know right now where we are going, or really who we are becoming.
It is not yet the time to know, but we are BECOMING NEW HUMANS.’

Judy Satori


January 2023 marks the beginning of a major expansion phase in the process of energy Ascension upgrade recalibration that began in earnest with the Harmonic Convergence in 1987 and continues. We are changing in how we see life and ourselves. The key is to SURRENDER, to be as the river. Allow the river of life to take you where you need to go.

In late July 2022, I took 34 people on a trip to Ladakh in northern India to receive the ‘Blessings of Maitreya’. In Tibetan Buddhist teachings Lord Maitreya is the future Buddha. The blessings from Maitreya instill and create a powerful pull from our soul to our personality self. This energy work and set of teachings will align your human self with your soul self and with your soul’s destiny plan for your life. This energy will powerfully PULL YOU towards the highest version of your future self. 


From Maitreya:

Become as the river, winding its way across the land; finding an access point through rocky crevices and cutting deep gorges through the rocks of challenge, finally wending its way to the sea. The river does not ask where it should go. There is no force. The river merely flows, allowing the forces of natural creation to guide its path.


In the Hermetic teachings of Thoth, the ancient Egyptian Moon God of Mystery and Magic, who in a later incarnation was Hermes Trismegistus, you will read the phrase, ‘As ABOVE so BELOW’. We are reminded that as human beings we are aligned both with the energies of Source in the higher heavens and with the regenerative energies of the inner Earth, within Amenti, the place of Earth’s heartbeat and energy vitality pulse. Our human bodies are like a tube torus, aligned with ABOVE and BELOW. We are an energy conduit between both.  

When we are guided to ‘push our roots deep down into the Earth’ as in the message from Spirit above, we are being asked to align with Earth’s ever-changing vibrational frequency, as this is where the regenerative energy from Amenti that will ground us into the faster pulsating Ascension energies from ABOVE is coming from.  When you align with Earth’s vibration, you will feel better physically and emotionally during this ongoing Ascension change process and be able to widen the physical base of your own LIFE-LIGHT pyramid.

Our LIFE-LIGHT pyramid is the body/mind/soul trinity of who we are. If we strengthen our body/mind/soul alignment with Earth we WIDEN THE BASE of our LIFE-LIGHT pyramid, so that the apex of that pyramid can go higher. We become more ‘enlightened’ and will evolve as a human Avatar being much more quickly as a result.


Here are some ways to strengthen your LIFE-LIGHT pyramid during January:

  •  Listen to 432 Hz energy frequency music, which can you access on YouTube. This will harmonize you with Earth's frequency and bathe your environment in positive, grounding, and healing energies.

    Judy says: I play this music through my TV set and listen to my own Ascension Library recordings through headphones. The energy streaming into me and into my living room works it magic to ground me with Earth. The energies of the library programs, which all have distinct benefits, can go much deeper without the environmental energy static of discordant energy frequencies affecting me.

    Discordant energy can be wifi, other people’s energy fields, environmental energies that are at a lower vibration than my own natural energy frequency. This energy static makes it harder to receive and integrate life-giving and regenerative energies such as those in the Ascension Library. 

  • BE in nature, without listening to anything, talking about anything, thinking about anything.  Set an intention to deeply ground yourself with Amenti, the heart center of Earth, and just sit, walk, or soak in the more harmonious energies of nature. 

  •  Eat more plants of every hue, of all the colors of the rainbow.

  • Listen to TUNING THE PHYSICAL INSTRUMENT, the NEW HUMAN and BEAUTIFUL in the Ascension Library. 


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