Here we are in May, the fifth month of the year. The number 5 means CHANGE and, my goodness, change has certainly arrived!

For some time I have been discussing a concept called The New Human. Last year I called a new set of audio recordings the New Human.  They have been in the library for several months. They work with a fifth element of rapid energy transformation, rather like the spin effect that a fast bowler puts on a cricket ball.  In this case, the fifth element effect makes the energy more potent. It is a catalyst to rapid change and this change is physical body upgrade, which supports regeneration.

Recently, when creating new physical regeneration recordings in my Auckland recording studio, I understood more about what these words, The New Human, actually mean. I realised that New Human is an overarching title for a process of physical change that is really only beginning and will continue!  

I am older in years as most of you know, but I increasingly feel much younger. I have more vitality and energy every day and it shows! I have been consistently listening to Regeneration Alchemy and other physical regeneration energy work most days. I feel the energy working in the cells of my body and I am noticing its effects. This is only the beginning.  Therefore you will notice that some of the programs relating to physical regeneration in the library have been retitled. They are ALL about becoming a New Human.

Next month we are introducing Regeneration Alchemy into the Ascension Library.  I will be explaining what it does and how to use it at my next Judy Satori Live event on 14th June, as well as the sequence of physical regeneration programs available in the library and what I feel is to come in the next three years. 


The Ascension process we are moving through as human beings really began during the Renaissance 700 years ago.  Many of us as souls were alive at this time bringing our light to Earth, especially through the modalities of art, writing and music. 


We originally came as souls in human form to Earth around 100,000 years ago, when the final version of the human, a species genetically engineered and divinely designed to help uplift Earth’s vibrational frequency, was successfully seeded on the planet. 

There had been other failed genetic experiments to uplift Earth’s vibrational frequency. These began 200,000 years ago when the Pleiadians established the Star Nation colony of MU, (Lemuria), on three large islands in the Pacific Ocean. Their purpose was to anchor the fifth-dimensional energy vibrations of LOVE and PEACE and to establish a colony where beings from the Star Nations of this galaxy could come to Earth safely and later incarnate as Earth beings.  

This year, Spirit are prompting me to step up and touch many more people with this work. I feel an urgency to do this. I am sure that many of you intuitively feel an inner call to step out too. At the beginning of 2023, we began a second three-year phase of a 13-year Ascension cycle of profound awakening and upgrade of what it is to be a human being. 

I am told that there are four three-year cycles, culminating in 2032, and then a final year of consolidation in 2033. Over the course of these 13 years, 2020-2033,  a profound shift will occur in who we are as human beings. This shift will affect everyone on Earth, physically, emotionally and mentally. We are changing how we think and feel about ourselves.  Our views on LIFE ITSELF and how we wish to live our lives are altering. The degree to which we will be able to make this shift as individuals depends on our receptivity to the energies of Ascension upgrade and how well we can assimilate this energy into the energy fields and circuitry of the body. 


This is what the Ascension Library tool kit of energy resources is for; to upgrade you quickly to be able to assimilate Ascension energy frequencies and remain balanced, happy and well during a continuous process of body and mind transformation.  


My role with the energy words that I transmit is to activate human genetic and soul potential to switch on and express. The energy is designed and transmitted by Spirit and from my own soul knowing of how to do it from past life. 

These three years, 2023-2025, are about anchoring Light into the cells of the body and activating previously dormant human genetic potential. Our human genetic code, the human genome, was divinely created with a much greater capacity than we have EVER been able to experience as humans...until now. This is because Earth was vibrating at a 3-D energy frequency and as human beings we were calibrated to Earth's vibration. 


Human beings should be able to be more physically vital, healthier, have a higher level of well-being, be happier and be able to use the mind to create much better than we have been able to in the past. 


With the powerful energies streaming to Earth, energies that are divinely planned for our human upliftment, we are being opened and activated to go way beyond who we have ever known ourselves to be a human beings. 


We are at the tipping point of REAL and MEANINGFUL change.

It’s so exciting! We are lucky to be alive at this time on Earth.


What could this mean for you?

  •  Better health
  •  More energy
  • An expansive, timeless outlook on life
  • Feeling and looking younger
  • Peace and serenity
  • Less stress
  • Become a better Creator of life


Best wishes,

Judy Satori.

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