Black Cumin seed could rightly be described as a ‘functional food’, as its main bioactive component thymoquinone (TQ) can reduce oxidative stress and inflammation in the body. It also promotes immunity, cell survival and supports energy metabolism, which is highly protective for the body and may delay the aging process. Black cumin seed offers a range of health benefits including the reduction of toxicities and drug-induced side effects, so it’s a very helpful support for the body if you are taking any type of medication. Black cumin seed oil, or powder has also been found to support weight loss and restore hormonal balance.  Black Cumin has also been scientifically proven to alleviate chronic headache and back pain, infection, hypertension and digestive-tract-related problems. Recommended dosage varies, but up to three tsp per day appears to be considered safe. Please carry out your own research. 

Judy says: One of the major physical Ascension-related issues that many people experience is abdominal bloating and weight gain around the abdomen created by the body trying to process and assimilate the very much stronger energy now streaming to Earth. We literally struggle to ‘digest’ the energy. I have found that sprinkling 1 tsp of black cumin seed powder onto savory foods is an easy-to-add daily supplement with numerous health benefits.  Bloating can also be related to solar plexus blocks and the impact of the energy streaming to Earth on the endocrine system. Issues with the solar plexus chakra rear their head when we are moving through a period of change, because the solar plexus chakra represents personal power, how we see ourselves in the world, and how other people see us. Listening to the library programs ‘Be All you can be and MORE’, ‘Clearing and Healing the Throat Chakra’ and ‘Energy Alchemy’ one at a time assists with issues to do with stepping into one’s personal power and greater personal authenticity. (See Judy’s article this month for more on this topic)


Disclaimer: Judy Satori is not qualified to give medical advice. She is speaking from her own personal use and experience. Consult your doctor if you have health issues and/ or are on medication.



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