Are you finding it hard to concentrate, feeling overstimulated or forgetful? Are you experiencing mental overload and your nervous system feels stressed and dysregulated? 

Brain fog and tinnitus are impacting many people due to the energies streaming to Earth. This energy is designed to activate us to become more evolved as human beings – a process of evolution called Ascension. The brain is like a receiving and transmitting computer of who we are. Too much energy stimulation scrambles the central nervous system.


The energies of mental overload and expanded nervous system stimulation, caused by too much energy coming into our human energy field, can cause brain fog and a feeling of being over-stressed and anxious. 


It's precisely because we know how prevalent this problem is that we've created our latest Library program 'Brain Fog & Tinnitus' (live on June 15). This compilation of recordings and meditations will help you deal with these disorientating symptoms of Ascension and energy work.

Judy has created a new meditation – Brain Overload Defrag. This transmission washes away the energy frequencies which are jarring to the brain and will calm and settle you. As you would in your shower, allow the energy, which is like raindrops, to wash away all tension.

Within 'Brain Fog & Tinnitus' you will find a compilation of aligned recordings that will support the energy effects of Brain Overload Defrag.  We hope that you enjoy using them. 


Brain Fog & Tinnitus will be live in the Library for all Library members on June 15 



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