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Archangel Michael is a powerful divine force, who shows up big in the Universe. He embodies the energy of love, compassion, and protection. Available to anyone in need, he will come when called and stand at your side, carrying you through the most tumultuous storms of your life. There is no task too small or too great when you are working with this divine expression.

Protect yourself from the forces of lower consciousness and vibration with this powerful Light Protection from Archangel Michael.

This track is incredibly powerful in its effects. It will work with the karmic energy that is being released through you and with lower vibrational energy that is being projected at you, and it will also cut energy cords of direct psychic attack.

The Archangel Michael also talks about the act of forgiveness being an act of love towards self; this is part of clearing the energy projections of psychic energy infiltration. This recording also clears the chakras of energy projection that may be depleting your energy. 

You will feel really expanded, exhilarated and crystal clear after listening!

In the introduction of this video, I talk about the Healing The Pain program in the Ascension Library.  This 14-day clearing and healing series would work well with the energy you have received from this transmission. For more information about the program, click  >> HERE <<

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