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Happy Kids

Calming and restorative music with embedded subliminal light language codes by Judy Satori, designed to be listened to by children, or played in the background at home, kindergarten or school. 

Happy Kids is a departure from Judy’s normal work with Spirit. It is an audio recording that little children aged 1-10 years can listen to either as a part of the day’s routine or played in the background at kindergarten, school, or home.

This recording has been supportive and calming to those children affected by the turbulent energies we are all experiencing in life and reacting in various ways.*

The embedded sound behind the nursery rhyme piano music is designed to support and balance:

  • 🌟Physical aggression – where children act out in anger or confusion;
  •  🌟Impulsive hyperactivity; 
  •  🌟Sensory issues related to sound, light texture stimulus overload

We would love to hear your feedback and to know if you would like to see more of this type of content! Head on over to the Library Community Forum or the Facebook Community Page to share your thoughts.


*Disclaimer: No healing claims are made. It is safe for children and pregnant women to listen to this recording. 

Feedback from Ascension Library members

Marie H.

"I am blown away by the wondrous beauty of these transmissions of light and love and wisdom. What's more, is that I am finally remembering!"

David A. 

"If someone is willing to work the library, they will find tremendous value and benefit. It is hard to believe that you offer so much for so little cost to make this available to everyone."

Darin S.

"I've only been a member for less than an hour and am already feeling the effects of being here. This space is electric!"

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