audio recording regenesis transmissions understanding ascension

In this audio from the Regenesis Transmissions series, Judy speaks about the vision for where things are heading with the Unity Community.  She also shares a series of Energy Upgrades and DNA Activations and talks about the Ascension "big picture".

This audio explores:

  • How you are being PHYSICALLY prepared to increase your capacity to handle much more powerful energies streaming onto the planet from now until 2033.  How science is catching up with Spirit in the field of Human DNA research, and the new developments that I was made aware of before the release of this news (>>CLICK HERE<< to read more about these developments).
  • Where to receive help and support right now in your life, if you are experiencing "Ascension Toxicity" from physical symptoms to mental and emotional states that feel challenging.  We explore how to ease these symptoms.
  • Find out where you are on your Ascension Journey by identifying which of the "three stages" of Ascension you are in.  This will open you to receive help to see the path ahead.

It's time to write a new LIFE script…TOGETHER.

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