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Aoraki | Mount Cook

I’m writing these words from the lounge of the Hermitage Hotel at Aoraki-Mt Cook, the highest mountain in New Zealand.  It’s late afternoon.  Directly in front of me, etched snow-white against the faded blue early evening sky stands Aoraki.  The mountain is shining, illuminated by the last rays of sunshine on what has been a spectacularly beautiful, not a cloud in the sky, late autumn day.  

I’ve come to the mountain for guidance, to humbly ask the God’s of above and below how I might best move forward.  I so much want to serve the Divine, to the fullest extent of my soul’s capacity in this lifetime, but I feel uncertain of what to do and how to do it.  The changing times we are all living through have shaken me.  I am tired.  I feel like I have too much to DO and not enough time to BE, to receive the insight and clarity of new direction.   

 If you must bow your head, then let it be to a lofty mountain.


In the central South Island of New Zealand, the Arowhenua Maori people tell the story of Aoraki... "In the great darkness of ‘Te Po’, before time began, there was NO thing and yet the promise of the creation of EVERYTHING was held within the heavens.  Then the first glimmers of light, ‘Te Ao’ issued forth from the void of NO thing, and life began."

Rakinui the Sky Father wedded Papatuanuku the Earth Mother, who lay in one body in a huge continent called Hawaiki. Their union was much celebrated in the heavens and some of the sky children decided to come to visit Papatuanuku, their father’s new wife.  Aoraki and three of his brothers came down from the heavens in their waka, their great canoe.  They explored the Earth and sailed deep into the southern seas.  When they became hungry, they tried to fish, but were unsuccessful and decided to return home.  Aoraki, the tallest and eldest of the four brothers began the sacred incantation needed to lift the waka free of the earth’s surface and take them back to the heavens, but at the crucial stage, he lost focus before completing the words of release. 

The prow had lifted, but the stern remained firmly held by the dark, cold ocean and the waka crashed back into the sea.  The prow broke into many fragments and the great canoe overturned.  Aoraki and his brothers were forced to climb onto the back of the waka. They were stranded, with no way to return to their home in the stars. 

Eventually, the cold south wind turned the waka and the four brothers to stone.  Their great canoe became the South Island of New Zealand, ‘Te Waka o Aoraki’, and the brothers, four high mountain peaks straddled along its back.  


Day One  - Prayer 

It takes roughly four hours to drive to Aoraki from my home in Christchurch.  It is a beautiful drive, first across the Canterbury Plains to the little town of Geraldine and then inland, past Lake Tekapo towards the farming town of Fairlie, and then along the shoreline of Lake Pukaki.  This is a land of high-country sheep stations, tussock grasses blowing in the wind, snow-capped, high mountain peaks, and sparkling-blue snow-fed lakes.

While driving I am reminded of The Prayer of Becoming and Becoming.  I printed and laminated it when I first received it from Spirit.  Every word is coded to re-create us in the more expanded image of our true soul selves.  I have read it every day and now I see the connection between the words, "I open myself to see through new eyes, as those impediments that have blocked clear sight are removed and set aside", and what has been happening to me in recent months.

Is this why I have been plagued with eye issues? Am I clearing karmic, past life energy trauma?  Is this why my vision has been so "off" and why I have felt dizzy, exhausted, and at times disconnected from myself. 

Of course, as I always tell others to do, I have checked out these irritating physical symptoms medically: the eye specialist for why my eyes won’t seem to focus as they used to and I can’t see properly; the ECG for the pain in my chest, the blood tests for why I’m tired and don’t feel myself.  I’m pleased to say that none of the medical investigations came to anything.  I have a perfect bill of health, but I want to move beyond this.  I want answers. 

A few miles away from the mountain I burst into sustained and spontaneous Light Language.  It is as if I am being welcomed by the guardian spirits of this place and I smile. 

We are the ones of Being and Becoming.

You are ready and you have come.

All is prepared.  We are with you. 



Day Two – Revelation  

The sun is shining, but I am struggling with my familiar feelings of disorientation.  I also have the headache that I have had for weeks.  It feels like a clamp squeezing tight around my skull.  It’s really off-putting.  The pain is particularly intense in the occiput and it somewhat affects my enjoyment of the walk to Kea Point that I take after breakfast.  

After lunch, I meditate for a while and then pray rather beseeching affirmations to God and the mountain.  I feel like sleeping, but I don’t want to waste the day.  I go downstairs and watch a documentary about Sir Edmund Hillary in the hotel’s theatre.  In 1953, Hillary, together with Sherpa Tenzing Norgay, was the first to climb Mt Everest.  Watching the movie, I learn that all his life Hillary had an inferiority complex and never felt good enough, but he still followed his passion.  He never gave up.  And, when he could no longer climb mountains, he reinvented himself and his life and began to build schools for the Sherpa children of Nepal.  “Let me be like you Sir Ed!”  

Just before closing time, I take a tour of the Visitor Centre.  The displays show the history of the mountain and mountaineering in this Mt Cook-Aoraki National Park.  I stop transfixed in front of a large photo of Aoraki.  I read these words: 

“The magnificent PYRAMID of Aoraki stood high above all, towering into the sky.  Everywhere, as far as the eye could see snow, ice and rock appeared around us in gigantic proportions.”

                                                                                             - Julius Haast, 1862. 

That evening, while meditating in my room, the words of the 19th-century explorer Julius Haast play over and over in my mind.  I know that the pyramidal form is metaphysically a vehicle of transformation.  Could this be why I felt compelled to come to the mountain?

Then, I spontaneously speak these words:  

"We are with you.  We are the ones of Beyond the Beyond, of Being and Becoming.  We are transmitting energy through Aoraki as the pyramidal antenna to you.  It is being received into the pyramids inside your brain... the medullary pyramids of the medulla oblongata in the brain stem.  Surrender to what is.  You are being attuned to a new energy vibration and expanded human existence. All is well."

I feel to listen to the second Journey to Amenti guided meditation from the Transcripts of Mary Magdalene that is in my Ascension Library.  I hear only the first few words before falling into a deep sleep.  I wake two hours later.  I am exhausted.  I can barely brush my teeth before falling into bed. 



Day Three – Transformation  

It's late when I wake.  I’ve missed breakfast.  Heavy rain is falling and Aoraki is shrouded in mist.  I feel so wiped out that I decide not to get up at all today.  The mountain hasn’t shown his face and I’m not showing mine. 

As I sit in bed sipping a cup of tea, I note that it is exactly 22 years ago, in May 1999, that I first received the guidance from Spirit to teach channeling.  Since then, I have taught hundreds of workshops on many topics and spoken at events around the world. 

I have loved every minute of it, but now I feel that this part of my life is complete.  It’s not the speaking or the travel that will change in the future.  I know that this will continue, but it’s what I will speak about.  This eludes me.  Right now, I don’t know.

I repeat the Journey to Amenti of the night before two more times and I don’t go to sleep. In fact, on the third listening, I stop the recording to really get clear about what I want in my life and affirm this aloud.  I step into the NEW with such a determined leap towards the window and the mist-clad mountain, that my tea slops onto the coffee table and I grab my computer up just in time.

I wipe up the mess with a bathroom towel and reward myself with part of my day’s rations, a piece of a chocolate-caramel vegan slice made by my son’s partner Emmalee since there is no room service. 

The reason I’ve chosen this particular audio recording to work with is that in it I am taken to Amenti, the place of powerful creation within the inner Earth Kingdoms, to affirm before the seven Lords of Amenti my most inspired wishes of soul.  I know that I will be heard and the energy I receive in return will help me.

As I sit in the afterglow of accomplishment, I hear these words...

"We are the ones of Being and Becoming.  We are of the light.  We are also of the dark.  We are of the ALL and the ONE.  It is time for you to stop and change direction.  Now.  Immediately. I t is time for you to write, to let your heart guide you and open you into joy.  

The eyes are as windows to the soul.  Yayeesha Child of Light, we have brought you here so that you might reconnect with the essence of your truth and remember why you came to Earth in the time of beginning, so long ago.  You and many others are required now to step into full mastery and purpose.  Your role is to show others how this might be done and to guide the way."   

I understand then that all the issues I have been experiencing for weeks with my left eye and my vision being fuzzy, feeling so much confusion, and emotional angst, have been a necessary part of propelling me into change.  The left eye issues were very possibly to do with changes occurring within my yin feminine nature.  My "doing", yang, masculine side of self is strong, but my yin energy is depleted.  I think about my acupuncture sessions.  The kidney-yin channels of the body are always showing up as undercharged.  Body follows mind.  Mind follows emotions.  I know from past life regression experiences that I had been burnt at the stake and beheaded more than once in my soul’s past.  These gruesome experiences would have left energy scarring that maybe now needed to be cleared for me to move forward.

Just before going to sleep, I connect with my heart-mind. I ask with all the emotion and focused intention I can muster, that all energies of soul trauma that are not of love, that I have taken into my soul through my eyes, since I first came into a physical form of expression, are now transmuted and released.  I ask from this day forth to see through new eyes of clarity and true purpose. 



Day Four – Enlightenment


I wake early. It’s still dark. My entire body is pulsing with happiness, a bubbling up of pure unadulterated joy. I stretch out in bed. No headache! I hear a voice in my head speaking to me... 

You don’t need to sit under the Bodhi Tree like Buddha to become enlightened. Enlightenment comes just from BEING peace, love and joy.

Maybe shining one’s light for self and letting that light automatically illuminate the way for others was the holy grail of Ascension? I remember a story once told to me by a Sri Lankan monk about the Buddha. 

“The Buddha was a human being,“ said Bhante. “He desired to find the secret to enlightenment, but he nearly died, as he thought that by starving himself and meditating long hours every day, he would come closer to God. In fact, he became instead very ill.  It was when he surrendered within his own heart to peace, to the happiness within, that he became enlightened. The enlightenment was within him all along.  All he had to do was find his TRUTH.”

 I think for a while about the stress-energy that I have habitually always carried in my body and my anxieties about doing it, getting it right, knowing what to do and frequently feeling overwhelmed by too many demands. This was all yang action, looking outside of myself instead of within.   Maybe if I focused more on peace, love and joy, knowing that I am automatically receiving and pulling to me all that I require, which is yin receptivity, I might actually get more done in my day and enjoy it more.  Maybe I needed more time spent in nature and BEING STILL. 

The day dawns clear and sunny.  I still can’t see especially well, but I walk halfway up the Hooker Valley.  In the afternoon I listen three times to the third ‘Journey to Amenti’ where I journey to Amenti through a portal into another mountain, Te Aroha in Ontara, New Zealand, ‘the mountain of the love’.   I am knocked out by the energy and sleep for two hours. 

Later that night I reward myself with a candle-lit dinner in the restaurant of the hotel. I order a glass of the most delicious Riesling. It’s produced by a winery called Mt Difficulty!  I have to laugh. 

 Day Five – New Light

Today I can see. 

The spectacular scenery of the mountains is in high definition. I can clearly see every blade of spikey-green tussock grass and every rock. I easily walk the 11 km of the Hooker Valley trek. I have bought a small thermos and a lightweight daypack and I take tea and ginger biscuits. At the Hooker Valley lookout, I sit for a long time in the sunshine on a low stone wall and slowly drain the thermos. The snow-fed glacial lake is pale silver-grey.  It sparkles like diamonds.  Small icebergs float on the surface.  Today I enjoy chatting with the other tourists. Something has shifted.

As I prepare to leave the mountain I feel inspired and excited about what’s ahead, even though I don’t KNOW what it is. What I do know is that as long as I take time to BE my heart and soul will always guide me.

 - Judy Satori.



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