connecting with spirit

In April’s Ascension Library LIVE with Judy Satori, we will be merging with the energies of 22 galaxies of the multi-dimensional ‘Diamond, a grouping of galaxies that are configured together as ONE very powerful newly accessible creative source for our human evolutionary DNA upgrade.  The tones and energies of the ‘Diamond’ together create a more powerful God-Creation matrix of energy that feeds and supports our expanded and upgraded human creation.

In this 90-minute session:

  •  Judy’s personal story of connection with the ‘Diamond’ 
  • The significance of the number 22 to upgrading the physical body
  •  NEW: The Prayer of BEING
  •  Meditation: To anchor Light into the cells of the body
  • Energy transmissions: BEING REMADE ANEW
  • Anchoring the Codes of Light 25-48: The BIG PICTURE story

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