Dear Starseekers,

This month we are releasing a new program into the library, PROTECTION, to support those of you who are energetically sensitive, and to give you enhanced auric protection. Each of the recordings can be listened to whenever you feel the need, and can be repeated 3 times or 9 times to give enhanced results.

What I am noticing is the extreme karmic releasing that is happening for so many people. We might feel that we are being psychically attacked, or that other people are attacking us unreasonably.


What is really happening is deep-level trauma energy, which is the result of past life karmic issues, is surfacing.


This karmic energy release can bring irrational and unreal emotional and mental feelings and thoughts to the surface. It is activated by the astrological influences affecting us during April and into May, as well as the recent 'off the chart' Schumann readings and planetary energy field changes. 


This may feel very uncomfortable emotionally. All the recordings in the new ‘Protection’ Library program will support you to feel better faster. Remember – how you feel is NOT YOU! 


A NEW YOU is emerging.  Be kind and patient with yourself.  Continue with Light - Life DNA Recoding as this energy is transforming you physically, while you clear deep-level energy limitation and distortion.


With love and light,




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